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Condemned A Doomsayer PvP Guild

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Condemned is the proverbial underdog with the heart to take on and beat the so called super guilds!!!

CONDEMNED is a small and tight knit guild. We welcome anyone to join our ranks with the only real requirement being that they are 18 and over. We are heading into a full pvp server with the thought to kick some arse We are looking forward to the future and epic battles, city assaults as well as defending our own. We will not be as large as the super guilds but they will know us and we will earn the respect of all pvp guilds out there. We don't back down or run away. If you know how to have fun, want to actually know your guildmates, want to feel like a member and not a number and want to PvP with the super guilds, then this is the place to do it.

We do talk trash to eachother but its all in fun. We may push the limits at first but when you get to know us you will know that its not personal. Might as well know now, this guild is run by Navy people, goths and welders. We work hard, play hard and drink hard... Its all about fun, blowing off steam, and having a good time with some new friends. We are always open to ideas and suggestions from members for guild content and what you would like to do. even if only one person wants to raid a dungeon of some sort then it will happen...

To apply, Check out the website here (any of the other links scattered throughout this post) Condemned

A few things you can count on.

* We do have Vent and encourage members to use it.

** You will see PvP action and alot of it.

*** You will be a part of the guild and build new friendships.

**** There are no mandatory guild events but everyone is encouraged and welcome to participate.

And a couple rules.

** We don't condone alter / spawn camping in most situations. If our lower level members are being camped then yes. We will send a squad to help and camp the offending party until they log.

Remember. Its a game. Not real life. Have fun!!!!!