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Concept: Balancing Invasion GCW Gain



Teesquared and the Development Team have asked for feedback on the imbalances in the current GCW Leaderboard system that come about from GCW points earnt during Invasion having much more weight towards leaderboard advancement than any other activity.

Producer Note: January 2011

Teesquared wrote:

...Lastly, we want to address many of the issues that have come up with the GCW as its implemented now; issues like the balance between GCW point gains in PvP vs. PvE activities and the types of perks and penalties. We want to keep everyone involved in a fair and balanced war. These topics and more are what we want to discuss with you.

Producer Note: October 2010

Teesquared wrote:

In last week's update, we adjusted the GCW point rewards for some of the invasion quests. After leaderboards went live we created a new competition among players. As a result we discovered some balancing issues with how points are scored. We are planning to continue to monitor the leaderboards. It's an ongoing system and we are stilling balancing it. We value your input as well and we're looking at various options and suggestions to help keep the system fair and balanced. Keep up the discussions and let us know your concerns and issues.
This thread is an attempt to drive these discussions and come up with amicable and workable solutions. I'd love to hear your feedback on the following items. It's all up for change/debate, nothing is set in stone. Please keep comments constructive and trolling to a minimum, thanks!

When there is a bunch of feedback I will look to update the thread linked above with your suggestions.

For reference, please also see: Entertainer Community Position on GCW Gain


  • Disabled /ui action conversationResponse and /npcConversationSelect when using Invasion Terminals and the Field Commander NPC.
  • Entertainers can no longer accept, complete or get credit for the "Cure allies of their fatigue" quest while "On Leave".
  • Demoralised Troopers now despawn as soon as the correct conversation option is selected, preventing additional credit towards the quest by spamming the trooper with a conversationResponse macro.
  • Entertainers no longer receive credit towards "Cure allies of their fatigue" for healing their own Battle Fatigue.
  • GCW point reward for Entertainer "Cure allies of their fatigue" reduced to 250 while Combatant and 500 while Special forces
  • Entertainer "Patrol Point Entertainment" buff can now be stacked on a single pylon up to 10 times, resulting in spawning troopers receiving a +10000 armour and 50% damage reduction debuff.
  • Entertainer "Patrol Point Entertainment" now awards 250 GCW per 10 patrol points given a morale boost, including buff stacks on the same pylon.
  • Entertainer "Rally the Troops" quest now features dynamic conversation response selection. Simply selecting the first option in any follow up conversation option will no longer be sucessful. Demoralised Troopers now say nine different reasons why they do not wish to fight, you will need to choose the single correct response of the nine available responses based on the troopers feedback in order to get credit.

Example: Demoralised Trooper "I'm not going out there... no way!"
Entertainer : (First option) "Think of your family..." / (Second option) "Get back out there!!!"

Example: Demoralised Trooper "I can't do it... I just.. cant!"
Entertainer : (First option) "What kind of soldier are you..." / (Second option) "...They need you!"

Note: Need to collect the current response text being used.​


  • Smuggler slicing now awards 250 GCW for slicing any terminal to a security level of 6 or over 10 times.


  • Medic "Battlefield Triage" quest now awards 250 GCW per 10 troopers healed. Spawn rate of wounded troopers has been increased.


  • Droids with Storage Compartments can now be fitted with an "Access Lock" which allows the owner to grant access to the contents to other players by name, their current group, their guild or their faction.
  • Traders now receive 1/3 of any GCW points that other players gain when using the crafters tools to complete build missions.


  • Increased number of offensive pylons that spawn with 5 power as default, particularly in Bestine.
  • Barricade defend quest moved to radial menu option 2 in line with Turret defend quest.
  • The GCW Leaderboard tracks and rewards a characters contribution towards Factional Presence, not their GCW point score directly. Certain activities, such as Invasion quests, award significantly higher Factional Presence contibutions than any other factional activity while other methods of GCW point gain (Hoth, Corellian Corvette, Factional Insignias) award no Factional Presence at all.
  • GCW Token payout standardised across all quests.
  • Implement new combat phase profession specific quests for Jedi, Commando, Officer and Bounty Hunter. Officers can buff Turrets, Commandos can buff barricades etc...
  • Spies are currently able to obtain the "Eliminate Imperial/Rebel Forces" quest while on Invasion defence from the field commander to kill 10 NPCs, this is now available to all combat players and Entertainers.
  • Create pseudo-factional region in Hoth and the Corellian Corvette so that GCW points gained count in the instances towards leaderboard %
  • Investigate disparity between how GCW points earnt in PvP (and other GCW activities) seem to award less Leaderboard % than GCW points earnt from Invasion quests.
  • GCW points awarded by consuming Factional Insignias now count towards Leaderboard %. Not possible as this would mean the insignias would effect regional control wherever the player chose to use them.


  • Below is the current GCW payout for invasion quests, showing the skew towards Entertainer GCW payouts.

  • Here is a table with proposed adjustments (in bold red):



I heard from SWG Producer, Tony "Tyson" Teesquared that the link to this thread has been passed around the team for review. If you have any further comments, please feel free to post!


Stratics Veteran
The Rebel Senator recently polled his community about which topic he should adress next.

GCW Issue/Request Poll

The options people can vote for does not seem to include leaderboard imbalance issues. Is that being handled seperately?


The Rebel Senator recently polled his community about which topic he should adress next.

GCW Issue/Request Poll

The options people can vote for does not seem to include leaderboard imbalance issues. Is that being handled seperately?
I dont think anyone really cares anymore, anyone who had an issue with GCW payout imbalances across different professions has just gone for factional collusion as an alternative.