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Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
"Friends, savages, countrymen...
lend me your ears!"

The meeting will cover Village/Keys/Moria Policy Changes, New Players, New Projects, and then open discussion.

Policies and Considerations During the Ethereal Void Imperium Community Meeting

Please No casting. We only have 30 minutes so let us make the most of it.

Please stand or raise your hand to be recognized to ensure people are not "talking over" one another.

Please talk in guild, alliance or party chat during the meeting unless addressing something during the meeting.

Please contact me if you think of anything else that will make our meetings run smoothly and effectively.

Thank you.

Ethereal Void Imperium

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Stratics Legend

Kijustsu Anei Community Meeting Minutes for Jan. 13/10​

In Attendance:

Luna Rossa – [email protected]
Niva the Savage – T_T
Forced Servitude – OkuC
Mr Clean – TIPS
Kagome – MSE
Prowler – TKO
Gareth - [email protected]

Meeting started with Luna Rossa going over the meeting Policies and Considerations.
Was announced that raises hand is acceptable rather then standing to be recognized.
(worked well, will change in the forum notes).

Village Policy Changes

Up-coming new positions of Intendant for the village and Portreeve for the
outpost was discussed. Brief definitions of each were explained and it was noted
that duty details will be posted for those interested in applying.

Community Stores

Forced Servitude mentioned tending to vendors in the Crafter
Hall and that more will be placed.He has already taken on a
major portion of the crafted furniture vendors.

Kagome mentioned that Al Ellisande has vendors
as well. Kagome will bring a rune later for us.

TKO From Templar Stronghold

TKO will be sending an envoy to see Luna Rossa
within the next few weeks.

The vendor mall of TKO in Luna city will be putting runes on from all other communities on the TKO vendor.

New Projects

New buildings at the outpost. Kijustsu School and SKS Barracks.
We will be checking with Al Ellisande as to how they are making
their school work although it is currently not open.

Closing Statements
All were reminded that this is to be a weekly meeting.
Luna Rossa thanked all for attending.
Meeting closed.

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Jan. 28/10

Kijustsu Anei Community Meeting Minutes for Jan. 28/10


The Blue Light Tavern and Iron Bandit Inn have entered in talks for
one of them to be bought out. Rumor has it that bankruptcy has
hit one of the taverns.

Portreeve Poseidon is in the works of
creating a SKS Fleet in Kijustsu Anei Keys

The founders are working on some new positions within the
community. Once we have more defined information we will
release it to you.

Talks between certain land owners has been going on about
possible new establishments and moving around a few buildings.

A new guild has been founded called Lost Souls of Kijustsu Anei
Lost souls is for members of the Kijustsu Anei who don't feel that
one of the community guilds clearly fits their character but still
want to be in a community guild and in alliance chat

Whispering Rose Radio has joined the Chesapeake
Community Cooperation (mechanical alliance).

Announcement from the Portreeve - Poseidon

Skeleton Key Shipping company is looking for a few solid captains to
captain ships for cargo runs in the near future. We have quite a bit
of work lined up but are sort on help. Profit cuts and sensitive
information on the fleet will be discussed in private You can apply to
Poseidon in game or on the Uoforums. They can also apply to Grace O'Malley

A fleet is in the harbor as we speak but alas they
are grounded at port until they have fitting captains.

+Prowler offered to speak with the captains of the Templar Navy

+Al Ellisande said they have at least one that
will be willing to captain a ship again.

New Events Launch

Wednesday February 3rd at 3pm est the chicken fights will
start in the Village of Moria. Sponsored by Kijustsu Anei Keys. This
event will take place biweekly.

Wednesday February 3rd at 8:30pm est there will be an
Skeleton Key Shipping Company [SKS] or a Lost Treasure
Acquisitions [LTA] event. This event will take place biweekly
after the Kijustsu Anei Community meeting..

Friday February 5th at 8:15pm est will be Chicken Fights for
those that missed the afternoon run. Also held in the village of Moria.
Sponsored by Kijustsu Anei Keys. This event will take place biweekly.

Friday January 29 at 6:00pm est will be the first launch of
the Community Craft Fair event. Located at the Village Crafters Hall
down the road. Prowler and Gareth have been working on this craft
event for some time and finally got it all setup.

It is a shard wide craft fair where anyone is welcome to come. We
will make spell books, furniture, weapons and other crafted items.
This is to show our love for the community. And give back to the
community. Old vet players and young players alike in cooperation
with other player towns.

Templar Village will send 2 of there crafters. This is a united crafting
event. Prowler spoke to many player towns on this matter. The
event is every other Friday. Every 15mins of the 2hour craft event
will be a 500k raffle! We welcome all to come and attend this grand event.

Tuesday Nights Savage Sponsored Hunts Time has changed.
Its new time is now 10:00 pm est. This event is held weekly.

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

Kijustsu Anei Community Meeting
Minutes for Feb. 11/10

Government Structure

Now in place. All should know their duties or ask if you have
questions. Emissaries should be introducing themselves to
their townships and there is a mailbox for reports inside the
building if need be.

Village Alert System

Get a receiver from me if you have not done so yet. The sooner
they are in place, the sooner we can activate. Towns have been
attacked recently and so it would be good to have it functioning soon.

Anyone in the community may request a receiver to the Alert
system. If we get an abundance the Intendant will request more.
Such as towns we are currently allied with. Remember it is an alert
system. Their is enough gossip and drama on the shard already.

Kingdom of Dawn (Baja Shard)

Grand Duchess Wildstar of the Kingdom of Dawn invites us all to
the 12th Anniversary of KOD on Baja. Events start with a Celebrity
Male/Female Auction tomorrow night. See postings for detailed information.

Lady Jessica

Need 2 jurors, one as back up for the upcoming trial of Lady Jessica
and put their names in a book and have Sheila get it to Pitmuck.

USA Archery League

We have entered into an archery tournament league, like the dart
one, with Guardians Gate for Mondays. Starting date is not yet
settled but Gunga Din will be hosting our night at the Torchwood
Tavern here in the village on the Ides of March, March 15th.

SOULS Creatures

The village will be sending down a "volunteer" to inspect the well of
souls sometime this week. The creatures claiming to be from
Magincia may have caused some damage. Miroku reports that the
creatures have also paid a visit to Al Elisande. Creating a shrine of
blackrock around their town shrine trying to destroy it.

The Intendant firmly said "They are too a thorn in our side. They will
need to be dealt with. They must be stopped! We must be united
and take on these vultures and pluck them one by one."

Questions and Other Announcements

Gunga is working on a special hidden project. A area within the
village that can be used as needed. He will have more updates soon.


Hudson Hawk inquired about the Keys fleet. The portreeve is away
on business but the Intendant believe the fleet will be operational
soon. The keys will be contacted soon for an update.

Scarlet Von Trinsic

The Intendant has not heard or seen anything lately from Vontrinsic.
The official stand from the government is. How can we make a
decision if we do not know what we are deciding on? Do we find
ourselves under the shelter of her cloud?

Market Area

Gareth announced the Market Area is still being worked on. He is
not planning to just rush into this project. It needs to be fully
worked out so it does not just go dormant within a few weeks
after the hype is over. He will have more information later on it.


Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

Kijustsu Anei Community Meeting
Minutes for Feb. 17/10 In Attendance:

Luna Rossa – [email protected]
Niva the Savage – T_T
Mr Clean – TIPS
Gareth - [email protected]
Gunga Din - TWOD
Sheila - [email protected]

Meeting started with Luna Rossa announcing the violent explosion that took place beneath the graveyard the night before just prior to 9 pm by the eastern skies. We are unsure what consequences this may have on the graveyard or the village.

It was noted that Sinthe the savage had been previously sent down to the Well of Souls to inspect it by Gareth and has not been seen or heard from since the explosion. Updates will be posted.

Village Policy Changes

The Ethereal Void Imperium has been finalized now and information posted and referred to as such.

New Projects

Talks are currently taking place regarding the Imperium joining the United Sosarian Alliance. Each town in the alliance will maintain their current government with the leaders being part of the alliance council.

If all goes well, this pact will be signed on Monday, 22nd of February in Guardians Gate just prior to the USA Archery League Tournament.

Monday will be the start of the USA Archery League Tournament. Will be setup like the dart tournament with our turn being hosted by Gunga Din in the Torchwood Tavern.

Closing Statements

Luna Rossa thanked all for attending.
Meeting closed.

Luna Rossa

Feb. 24th Town Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:

Luna Rossa – [email protected]
Niva the Savage – T_T
Charles Wood – OkuC
Mirt – TEB
Gareth - [email protected]
Gunga Din - TWOD
Lord Angus - RBG
Kiana Cara - [email protected]

Meeting started with Luna Rossa welcoming all for coming.

Village Policy Changes

Our forums have been moved from UO Forums to Stractics. Look under UO Guild Forums and remember we are now the Ethereal Void Imperium.

The pact for the alliance agreement between us and the United Sosarian Alliance was signed Monday night just prior to the archery tournament. We are all looking forward to our future endeavors together.

The USA Archery Tournament started Monday night and will continue every Monday. We will be having it here in the village on the Ides of March at the Torchwood Tavern.

New Projects

The Imperium Town Hall is being constructed on the Iron Fights site. This will be for meetings, gatherings and such.
Another savage hut is in the works.
The Crafters Hall is being upgraded.

Current Events

The savages executed an orc during the Tavern Night for thievery and murder.
Gareth requested asylum from Guardians Gate as the savages are seeking him for the loss of Sinthe down the Well of Souls.

Congratulations to Lady Bam Bam and Lord Gareth on their engagement. No date has been set as of yet.

Closing Statements

Luna Rossa thanked all for attending.
Meeting closed.

Luna Rossa


Kijustsu Anei Community Meeting
Minutes for Mar. 10/10
In Attendance:

Luna Rossa – [email protected]
Niva the Savage – T_T
Kiana Cara - [email protected]
Mirt - TEB
Angus - RBG
Juliana Baker - PaxOku

Meeting started with Luna Rossa welcoming all to the new Imperium Hall.

New Players
Lady CaT has returned and built a home where the telepad hub used to be. The telepad hub has been moved next to the [email protected] Mystic Tower & Sanctuary.

A few new faces showed up for All Shards Tavern night. Earl, a mute and a new but unrelated to the Pitmuck clan goblin, Goldy Goblin. Goldy will be setting up a fish market in the new market square and plans on being around the village more often.

Village Policy Changes

The Portreeve, Poseidon, will be on leave for a few months. In the interim, Odin Doomhammer will fill in temporarily.

The Crown has revoked the loyalty decree on Moria Village due to them being conquered and becoming a part of the Ethereal Void Imperium. We will keep you up-to-date on how this pans out and where this leaves Moria Village within the eyes of the Crown.

New Projects

Gareth has been working on territory maps which has prompted a possible treaty with PaxOku clarifying land borders, the docks and the sharing of land resouces. A draft has been sent to PaxOku and we are awaiting their reply.

The trial for Lady Jessica starts tomorrow night. Mirt will not be having his weekly hunt so that all may attend.

Monday, the Ides of March, the USA Archery League Tournament archery tournament will be hosted by Gunga Din in the Torchwood Tavern.

Wednesday night is the town meeting and St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt.

Closing Statements

Luna Rossa asked that Mirt step forward. She then proceeded to do a Consecration Ceremony on a sword, bless it and then presented it to Mirt as the Magistrate of the Ethereal Void Imperium.

Luna Rossa thanked all for attending.
Meeting closed.​

Luna Rossa

Mar. 24th Town Meeting Minutes

Minutes for Mar. 24/10
In Attendance:

Luna Rossa – [email protected]
Niva the Savage – T_T
Poseidon - SKS
Laurel - LOST
Manshoon - EVL
Gareth - [email protected]
Gunga Din - TWOD

Meeting started with Luna Rossa welcoming everyone.

Village Policy Changes

The Notice of Concession between the Ethereal Void Imperium and the Village of Moria has been signed, sealed and submitted to the Crown.

The house owned by Dark Morning fell which opens up a small housing space.

We are in need of one more captain to man one of our war ships. All others have been assigned.

Talks are in the works with Charles Woods of PaxOku regarding a possible "Crafters Night" to aid in bring in more people to the village.

Manshoon talked of giving a tour of Moria earlier in the evening to delegates of the PaxLair Statehood. Gifts were presented to the village. A gargoyle named Mayhem attacked the meeting and had to be dispatched. Further meetings to be held later.

New Projects
Manshoon stated that EVL will be recruiting soon.

Gareth and Gunga Din left the meeting early to attending the meeting at the throne room to which Gareth was nominated for position of Deputy Commander of the Royal Guard. (Please note he has since withdrawn and we have pledged all our support to that of Delta Butch of RBG).

Closing Statements
Luna Rossa thanked all for attending.
Meeting adjourned.

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
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Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator


I have been summoned here to deliver announcements from the Imperium in this world and outside of it.

CaT will be taking on the role of overseeing the Mystic Library. (The Library is used to house player written spells, rituals, tombs etc. If you have such things to add see CaT.)

Poseidon has been promoted to Fleet Captain of the Fishing Council of Britannia (FCB). A new guildhouse has been constructed in the Keys. Please note his duties as the Portreeve and FCB Fleet commander are separate. The FCB is just like any other guild living within the town.

New Rules and Regulations are being drafted up for the Chesapeake Fight Night. The event is held in our village of Moria, located in Felucca. This will cover how we deal with people that attack others in the building during the event etc. Cringes

Lord Gareth has struck a deal with the Village Intendant regarding the attack a few weeks back.

The Community Teleport hub has a new link. The town of Aryslan located in Felucca connected late last week. Aryslan is working on rebuilding its township under the leadership of Jamlyn Hakkendyn. It appears they are not the only ones rebuilding. Whispers from the well of souls located here in our village speak of rebuilding near the Tower of Souls and the return of Maz… someone.

(The Imperium OOC Leaders are working on the new “Areas of influence”. This is for when Clans, Tribes, Covens etc go to war with one another. Nothing is set in stone. There will be a discussion thread created in the Imperium forums for your ideas, feedback and how to make it all work.)

(To remind everyone any events we run as a community will be posted in the Imperium Forums on stratics. Make sure you check it once every two or three days.)

The Community Crafters Hall has changed to Mondays at 4pm to 6pm ET