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Coming Soon: 100% Resource Return When Demolishing Buildings

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Hello all,

The Queen update will bring a complete rework of the Outlands, with the current Outlands regions (as well as all Royal Continent territories and siege camps) disappearing entirely. In order to help players with this major transition, we have put several measures in place.

First, we will be automatically migrating players and many items into special recovery tabs in the Royal Cities. We will also allow all players and guilds one island move for approximately 1 month after Queen launches (subject to change). For more details, please see this article: albiononline.com/en/news/player-item-migration-queen-update

In addition, we will soon make it so that destroyed buildings return 100% of the resources used to build them. We had intended to launch this change at the beginning of the Avalonian Invasion season, but it has been delayed slightly. This change will be deployed via a patch before the launch of the Queen update, though the exact beginning and end dates of this special 100% resource return rate are not currently confirmed.

We wanted to notify our community of these plans as soon as possible, since many players will want to move buildings before the next update goes live. Once the dates for this special return rate are confirmed, we will announce them here on the forums.

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