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Coming back


I played here on Napa back in late 90's and on.

I haven't played UO in years (minus a little reactivation in like 2012? I think)

I could use a hand in getting started lol. To give you an idea, last time I played I was in a guild called Guardians of the undead lords, red bandanas in dungeons rp pvp stuff.

Not really looking to get into pvp all that much now, I'm too old and my reflexes are way too slow anymore lol. But I would like to see all the new stuff and the pve content.

I have 2 decent characters to build off of, an old school 7x healer mage (magery, eval, resist, wrestling, med, healing, anatomy) and a 5x fencer I think. I have a GM alchemist but have no idea on how to get into the crafting stuff again. I've forgotten so much lol.

If anyone can give me a good idea of what I'd need to do with either of these characters or a new one to make so I can get an income stream started that would be appreciated.