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(Question) Coming back to Europa?



After god knows how many years, I am thinking of returning. With the fate of my old account being uncertain, I might have to start fresh. This raises a few questions.

Is fresh start too crazy of an idea these days? Not being able to invest the amounts of time like back in the day, skill training and hunting for right equipment might be a real challenge.

Are there enough players around to do most content with? As the game appears to be more complex than ever, going about it solo does not seem viable for a returning player.
Last time I played it was all about GM crafted, deadly poisoned katanas.

Running around with a trial account, there seems to be ample space for a house at least.


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Also, quite a bit young players aroud New Haven today. And skills can be trained faster these days due to various kind of scrolls.


So in a fit of nostalgia I decided to log in for the first time in years.

Not sure if will stick around as clearly things are of course much quieter than they used to be but going to take a look round for a while before deciding.

A few questions -

Is West Brit Bank now High Bank ?

Is the RP hub in Luna still there ?

I managed to remember my old account details which was great and am therefore on as a F2P account. I can't see anywhere how to upgrade to a subscription account should I choose to do so. How is that done please ?


Luna is the hub in general, unfortunately RP on europa is completely dead now. No active RP guild left and the old RP villages are slowly falling due to expired subscriptions.

Theres a meet at Brit Bank every day at 19.00 I think. I always get the time wrong.


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Hi Gorthyn mate - long time so see.

I still have an account but only log in once a year or so to wander around.

I play Neverwinter Online for a bit of fun still, but UO is just too sad for me to even begin to play. I left my memories there a long time ago.

Such as the time you started talking about your Car in game - a Land Rover perhaps? - when we were bored on the roof of the old Soul Protectors tiny Guild House back nearly 20 years ago. UO would still be prefect for role play, but there just isnt the appetite or the player numbers. I sometimes consider a return properly myself, but just too many ghosts in my head that I cant shake off.

Hope you are well :)


Hi Callum,

Yes am good thanks, hope you are too.

Yes had been ages - after giving up on LOTRO I played ESO for a while and then until fairly recently trying to persevere with SOTA in the hope they would make a worthy successor to UO but sadly for me they really haven't in so many ways.

I logged in and found myself still at Rhovanion which of course had all vanished. The Shadowcourt guild roster is still there and it seems Muldran logged in last November.

As you say, so many great times and therefore so many ghosts haunt Europa these days, I don't think any online game will ever match the "golden years" we and others experienced. I have yet to log on again after the other day when I briefly explored Vesper (Swaggers and some other town guild stuff still stand down by the beach) but saw only one other player by the bank. Also went to Brit which was deserted (and this was during the day at the weekend) so not very heartening and all rather sad really.

I might try again soon and endeavour to adjust my expectations of what the game now is but that won't be easy !


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I don't think any online game will ever match the "golden years" we and others experienced.

When we played UO, being honest there wasnt really that much to do as in once you got to 700 skill points and RP allowed weapons there was no need to grind out progression.

As epic artifacts werent allowed in RPvP there was no incentive to grind them out.

So we made up stories and amused ourselves like children with no toys, and boy it was some great times. Loads of mad arguments, hissy fits, prima donna behaviour, laughs, tears, happiness and sadness all rolled into one.

I did WoW for a year or two [joined an RP guild there, was fun for a while], Guild Wars [pvp for a year], LoTRO [pvp for two years till they killed it], took a break for many years and then tried SWTOR for a couple of years and now Neverwinter for the past three years. But nothing touches UO c2000 for fun and excitement.

The joy of soloing a Drake, the times I tried to solo a Phoenix and failed, working with another player fighting back to back and cross healing our way through a ton of mobs...

Nothing will come close to that feeling ever again.