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[Gardening] Color Plants - Colored Seeds...


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend

I'm sorry... I used to be really good at this... and I totally forgot how it works when it comes to colors... because I never really deal in them. And I've sold a LOT of plants on Atlantic. Just all normal.

I'm trying to get a special cross plant seed for something else... in color.

Plant A is Red. Plant B is Red. Both different. Result is Plant C.

Take Plant A, crossed to another Plant A... you get BRIGHT A.

Plant A cross to Plant B (Red), comes out Bright Red.


How do we get normal Red in the C plant result?


I believe you have to cross normal plain red with bright red to get plain red, will be able to confirm this tomorrow when my plants produce seeds. I will repost if i'm wrong

so bright x bright = bright.
plain red x plain red = bright
plain red x bright red = plain red.