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CMA Auction, Feb 22 at 9pm CST--List inside--current as of 8pm CST 02/21/08


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
We had a ton of items come to my hands Friday, but as I had already canceled it, it means we're filling it in for this week's auction.

We're still accepting items, the more the merrier, and we will cap the item count at 75.

Hope to see you there


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
5000 boards--NR
Dragon's End--NR
Stack of 30 silver--NR
Katrina's Crook--NR
baby blue Fishing Net--20k
5k arrows--25k
30 various level maps--NR
Cocoa Liquer--50k
Talisman of Clean Bandage summoning--10k
Holy Knight's Breast Plate--250k
1k each of the necro regs--25k
15 various mined up gems--NR
Tailoring Pack: 120 Tailoring PS, 5k each of horned, barbed, spined, leather and cloth and a horned runic kit--500k
5 ecru citrines--NR
Old school Flowerpot--800k
Complete Set of Ranger armor--250k
Basket of Herbs--500k
Reading Glasses of the Arts--5m
Old School Newbie Shirt (means its blessed)--NR
120 Anatomy Power Scroll--2m
Vet reward contest 2004 winning house design--150k
Library Talisman--Treatise on Alchemy--1m
Talisman of the Fey Cu sidhe form--NR
The Dragon Slayer Arti--150k
Bright Orange Melisande Hair Dye--1m
Lord Blackthorn's Exemplar--75k
Quiver of Infinity--100k
Grab bag of Commodity Deeds with various amounst of wood--NR
77 charge invisibility bracelet--75k
2 old Xmas coal ingots--200k
30 piece alchemy crafted alchemy items for Deco--50k
3 lvl 6 maps--NR
Unenhanced 98 luck golvers with 6 LRC--NR
5000 oak boards--NR
Bag of Sugar--50k
Bag of 8 black and white plants--50k
Old School Tool kit--50k
Gloves of the Sun--100k
3 para chests, 2 of which are dark wisp chests--NR
Grab bag of holiday gifts--NR
Pre AOS Cloak with 20 charges of spell reflect--10k
Cocoa Butter--50k

Soulstone Fragement Token--50k

Bow of the Juka King (Reptile Slayer)25k
Vanilla and Sugar--85k