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[Price Check] Cloak Bearing the Crest of Queen Dawn

Dryzzid of Atlantic

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I think he ment "gold sink" as in, instead of clicking the statue on every char you have on that server and getting a reward for free, that it will cost you gold to click the statue for a reward.

That is a fine idea, but at what cost should each item be? There is an extreme difference in the rich players of UO and the average to poor players. I am sure that any of the rare collectors that frequent this forum can afford to drop 20m on an EM item without giving it a second thought. However, to some players, 20m is an extreme amount of gold still. 20m may break the average player's bank, but 20m is nothing to a rares collector, broker, gold vendor, etc.


Rares Fest Host | Cats Nov 2010
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Stratics Legend
Yes, sorry, I didn't word that very well. Thanks for the definition though Tomas :p

Even if it's 5m per, I'd think that most of UO could do that.
I also think these "gumball machines" should be changed to 1 per account, b/c it's just getting absurd.

Monty Hall

I have access to friends accounts...7 total, whenever there is a vending machine give out, I get 49 items of it. I did NOT make the Cloak EM welfare visit. :( But on others your talking 49 for just me...Stop trying to fool people. If its a vending machine there are 100's point blank. And if anyone has noticed ther is always someone over in a corner running a gate. BEING SNEAKY!!!!! Vending Machine items DON'T Belong in the rares forum. Because their just not that rare! My Opinion. But their great at making Us rare folk(me included) alot of easy gold so we can buy the (1) items!!! Be Smart...UO is a classic buddy F*&%@# game always has been always will be. After all, we're just Greedy Little Dragons sitting upon our hoardes of Loot!!! An Manti might be high on the food chain, which he has to expect a few snipe shots from time to time. thats human nature! Happy 4th on the 5th.