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Client or Laptop performance during EM Events?


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In December I bought a new Laptop. I figured it should be able to handle a 20 year old game. During EM Events with large scale combat it becomes slow motion. Doesen't matter if I use the EC or CC. I'm wondering if it's the laptop or client?

15.6" HP Laptop
Intel Celeron N3150
Quad Core 1.6ghz with turbo clock 2.08 GHz.
Intel HD graphics based on 5300 series
4 GB DDR 3 1600 MHz Ram
Wireless Router 30mbps download 5 Mbps upload

Graphics Driver has is current. Power Management has been set to high performance. 3d graphics settings is set on performance.

I've even gone in and adjusted the Virtual Memory for integrated graphics.

The only other thing I can think of is upgrade the RAM to 8 GB Max. The laptop only has one slot for RAM. I wish I would've known that before returns were to late.

Anyone have any ideas? I know I can go around and change some settings in the EC. Doesen't seem like there is much tweaking that can be done on CC side.


This is an old post but I saw you never got an answer.

This is an older game but depending on your operating system, most or all of your cpu could be used just to run windows. Im guessing this was one of those wally world specials they do every year that are a dozen generations old in terms of technology. I have done it before too. Hope you found a solution to your problem and have not been left high and dry for over a year.


I run a high performance computer and still lag like crazy during EM events. My cpu usage is 3.6% with uo but I'll check during the next event and compare. It's probably their servers can't handle what's going on. Gotta keep costs low considering player base has declined over the years.