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Class: Warrior - F.A.Q

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imported_Edward The Less

Greetings Warriors!

I have put together this small F.A.Q to answer most basic questions and I have a Warrior guide Way Of The Warrior that will answer most all other questions.

Q. What is a Warrior?

A. A Warrior is a damage taker. In MMORPGs they are know as “tanks” because of this ability to take damage. They can also output a good amount of damage.

Q. What does a Warrior do?

A. A Warrior's job is to attack an enemy and to make sure it stays on them and not to attack anyone else.

Q. What races can become a Warrior?

A. All races but Blood Elves can be Warriors.

Q. What race makes the best Warrior?

A. All races make good Warriors but some have abilities that “dovetail” with the role of a Warrior. Read my Warrior guide linked above to get a detailed list of abilities and the pros and cons of each for a Warrior.

Q. What armor can Warriors use?

A. All types but there is little reason for a Warrior to wear cloth or leather armor. From level 1-39 Warriors use mail and from 40 and up Warriors wear plate armor.

Q. What weapons can Warriors use?

A. All weapons but wands.

Q. Can Warriors use two weapons at the same time?

A. Yes. You can use two one-hand weapons but the weapon in the “off-hand” will miss more than the one in the “main-hand”. Talent points can improve the damage output of the off-hand weapon.

Q. What do the bars next to my character face in the upper left-hand area show?

A. The top one is your health and the one below it is your rage.

Q. What is rage?

A. Rage is used by Warriors to do special attacks.

Q. How do I get rage?

A. By doing damage to an enemy and having damage done by an enemy to you.

Note that you do not gain rage by attacking a target that is shielded such as a Priest that is using their shield but you still gain rage from their attacks to you. Also you do not gain rage from being attacked when you are shielded by a Priest but still gain rage by attacking.

Also rage gained in combat will slowly be lost when out of combat. Talent points can slow this loss.

Q. So I've been playing a few hours and now I have something called talent points, what are they and what do I do with them?

A. Talent points allow you to make your Warrior do what you want to do better, be it Player Vs. Player or Player Vs. Environment or a bit of both. See my Warrior guide linked at the top of this F.A.Q to see all the talents and the most common talent builds.

Q. What is this “off-tank” I keep hearing about?

A. An off-tank is a character that will keep enemies off others in the group when the “main-tank” is overwhelmed. The off-tank will become the main tank should the main tank die. See my Warrior guide for more information about off-tanks.

Q. What is “aggro”?

A. “aggro” is short for aggression. In general the more damage someone does to an enemy the more that enemy will focus on them.

Note that it takes someone gaining 10% more aggro than the enemy's current target for the enemy to change targets and attack them. For example a Warrior attacks an enemy and does 100 damage and stops attacking and just stands there, someone else will have to do 110 damage for the enemy to stop attacking the Warrior and attack them.

It is more complex than this but this basic example is generally true.

Q. What are stances?

A. Warriors have different stances available to them which determine what abilities can be used during combat. There are special stance buttons located above your action bar to switch stances. If you switch stances during battle you lose all your Rage so keep that in mind. The talent Tactical Mastery can allow you to keep up to 25 rage when changing stances.

You will change stances to fit changes in the battle. Here is some basic information on the stances.

Battle Stance is used mainly for soloing, adding different state changing attacks and high damage moves.

Defensive Stance offers fewer types of offensive special attacks but gives the Warrior more defensive specials plus a bonus to your defense rating. This is primarily meant for acting as a group's main tank.

Berserker Stance allows for more critical strikes but the Warrior takes more damage. This is best used when the Warrior is a secondary tank in a party.

Good Luck Warrior!
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