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Class: Paladin - The Outline


Bo Riddler

The Almost-Complete, (a work in progress,) Paladin Overview


Bo Riddler, aka Brumble of Kirin Tor

The Holiest of Warriors are the Paladins. With Sword, Shield and plated shoulders, these Knights are Azeroth’s Holy Protection. The following is a brief description of this wonderful class, as written by Brumble, the fiery red bearded Dwarf that calls Anvilmar his home.

*The old Dwarf finds a soft chair near the bar*

So far, my trials have taken me from the cold valleys of Loch Modan to the humid jungles of Stranglethorn Vale and beyond. One thing I have learned, again and again. Us Paladins are fantastic with proper support. Rarely will you see an army of one Paladin, but grouped with a team, we are powerful force. Please know this, I am not saying Paladins are not great at solo play, its just that when complimented with aide from trusted fellow hero’s, we can truly lend trusted support to the party.

From the advantage of being able to heal, to bringing fallen friends back from the grave, the Paladin is an asset in any party, but I have found them less than perfect in several ways. Namely, ranged combat and pulling. One more, those rabbits. Yes once our prey hits panic mode, besides running we have very few means to stop them from getting help to finish me off.

Here is an outline to our chosen class.

Allowable Races : Human, Dwarf, Blood Elf, Draenei

Standard Bars : Health/Mana

Allowable equipment : Mail, Leather, Cloth, Shields, and Plate (with training)

Allowable Weapons : One- and Two-handed Maces, One- and Two-handed Swords (with training), One- and Two-handed Axes, and Polearms at 20th level.

Now, a bit about their spells. First two words. Aura's and Blessings .

Aura’s are singular, in other words, you can only choose to have one active at a time. They often affect the party around you as well. Some examples include Fire Resistance Aura, Frost resistance Aura and Devotion Aura. These are ongoing effects that continue to give you benefits without a duration. Commonly, you’ll change your Aura depending on the situation at hand. Example, when I enter the Forge area of the Deadmines, I change to Fire Protection Aura, and the party gains Fire Resistance. Another trick to use, if partied with another Paladin is to have different Aura’s so the party gets two Aura’s instead of one.

The other term you need to know about are Blessings. These are the short duration buffs you can drop on party mates, or players passing you by. Most of these however are only 5 minutes in duration, some are fifteen minutes, those are called Greater Blessings and require a reagent to cast.

Some examples for Blessings include Blessing of Might, Blessing of Wisdom and Blessing of Kings. Some are dependant on your Talent tree as well. Blessings are wonderful buffs but come with one main drawback, they are only five minutes or at most, fifteen minutes in duration. Not bad, but compared to the wonderful PinkPaw the Druid gives, or the Fortitude spell from Priests, five minutes is paltry. In this Dwarfs opinion of course.

Now on to Talents . Paladins have three choices, and I have tried each. They are Holy, Retribution and Protection. I personally used the Holy Talent Tree all the way to 60th then switched to Retribution at 60th. But each has their own benefits. As an example, if you are thinking of playing a more aggressive Paladin, then choose the Retribution tree, and Holy is the Talent Tree for those wanting to work as a Secondary Priest.

Since this will be an ongoing FAQ for Paladins, I certainly welcome your thoughts and opinions on the class. These are just my thoughts and experiences.

I have played this game since November, 2005 and I have never entered an arena or PvPed once. So if you have additional advice on Paladins in the area, please chime in.

I truly hope this brief outline has helped you in the Paladin class.

Bo Riddler