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Class: Mage - TBC Mage Spells and Talents

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With the addition of The Burning Crusade expansion, mages gained some spells and new talents. Here is a quick summary of said skills.


<font color="blue">Teleport: Shattrath </font>
Does just as it says...teleports the mage to Shattrath, the main neutral city in the Outlands. Requires a teleport reagent.

<font color="blue">Molten Armor </font>
Causes 75 Fire damage when hit, increases your chance to critically hit with spells by 3%, and reduces the chance you are critically hit by 5%. Only one type of Armor spell can be active on the Mage at any time. Lasts 30 minutes.

<font color="blue">Portal: Shattrath </font>
Creates a portal to Shattrath that the mage and party members can use. Requires a portal reagent.

<font color="blue">Conjure Mana Emerald </font>
Conjures a mana emerald that can be used to instantly restore 1136 to 1364 mana. The mana version of the Warlock Healthstone


<font color="red">Arcane </font>
<font color="blue">Empowered Arcane Missles </font>
Arcane Missles gain 45% of your bonus spell effect, but raises mana cost by 6% at max points (3/3)

<font color="blue">Spell Power </font>
Increases critical chance of spells by 50% at max points (2/2)

<font color="blue">Mind Mastery </font>
Increases spell damage by up to 25% of your total intellect at max points (5/5)

<font color="blue">Slow </font>
Decreases movement by 50%, ranged attacks by 50%, and increases casting time by 50%. One talent point.

<font color="red">Fire </font>
<font color="blue">Pyromaniac </font>
Increases critical hit chance, and reduces mana cost of all Fire spells by 3% at max points (3/3)

<font color="blue">Molten Fury </font>
Increases spell damage of all spells against targets with less than 20% health by 20% at max points (2/2)

<font color="blue">Empowered Fireball </font>
Fireball gains an extra 15% of your bonus spell damage at max points (5/5)

<font color="blue">Dragon's Breath </font>
Targets in a cone in front of caster take X to Y damage and are Disoriented for 3 seconds. Any direct damaging attacks will revive target. Turns off your attack when used. Takes one talent point, and has trainable levels.

<font color="red">Frost</font>
<font color="blue">Arctic Winds </font>
Increases all frost damage you deal by 5%, and reduces the chance melee and ranged attacks will hit you by 5% at max points (5/5)

<font color="blue">Empowered Frostbolt </font>
Your frostbolt gains an additional 10% damage from your bonus spell damage, and an additional 5% chance to critically strike at max points (5/5)

<font color="blue">Summon Water Elemental </font>
Summons a water elemental to fight for you for 45 seconds. One talent point.
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