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Chutes and Ladders

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Date: 12/02/12 (Sunday December 2nd 2012)​
Time: 8:00pm EST (Time enough to make Walking Dead)​
Location: Trauma's Paintball Arena​
Gates: Will be provided from Luna Bank 15min before start, up to 5min after scheduled start.​
Rules/Description of the Event: Can be found here
Prizes: I've been working to restock my prize closet so there will be some nice ones available!​
(copied from my event thread so people dont have to scroll thru it all)​

1- No mounts
2- No hiding/stealthing/animal form
3- No attacking other players, no one will die playing this game! ;)
4- When it is your turn to move, place your dice on the ground and roll so that everyone can see

Players will all start from the same area, rolls will be made to determine the order of play. Once set, the first person will place their dice on the ground and roll, then move the appropriate number of squares. If you land on a colored tile you then move to the next tile of the same color (a ladder). If you land on a black hole, you may be teleported backwards (a chute). The first person to reach the last tile on the board is the winner.
Not open for further replies.