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Checking in

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Hi all,

I'm Nick, I'm the new Managing Editor for SWTOR Stratics!, Some of you may know me from the Official SWG forums where I was an active contributer to the Smuggler forums, providing many Guides, Bug reports and such over the years.

Currently, with SWTOR Stratics! we're in the process of moving some of the old content across to the new Wordpress site and adding new content as we go, although If anyone feels that they have something to Contribute to SWTOR Stratics! then feel free to get in touch via PM and we'll go from there.

A little about me and my MMO history.

I started out with MMO's around 1999 with Ultima on-line (on the Europa server, as I recall) which I enjoyed for a couple of years.
Around 2002 news began to filter out about a new SOE project that was to go by the name of Star Wars Galaxies.
Being a huge Star Wars fan, this attracted my interest and I applied for Beta, a few months later I was accepted and continued to play constantly up to the beginning of 2009 when my partner fell pregnant and I decided to take a break from SWG to concentrate on more important endeavours.. such as wiping bottoms and standing on small toys barefoot, while muttering colourful metaphors.

Fast forward a couple of years and here we are, I've been keeping tabs on SWTOR since it was announced at the tail end of 2008 and am very much anticipating enjoying it and contributing to Stratics and the SWTOR section.

I look forward to building our own little community with you all over the coming months as we head towards SWTORs launch.



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Congratulations on your new position, Nick. We'll get your account set up soon.

Really looking forward to seeing this portal thrive under your guidance!


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*smiles* It is getting near that time, draco. If you need any assistance here just shout out.