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[Selling] Cheap Clearout Sale!!!


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend


Selling all this stuff for cheap! or Offers!
1.) 8 Chaos Banners -10m Each SOLD
2.) 4 Tall Vet Braziers - 6m Each SOLD
3.) 3 Short Vet Braziers - 5m Each SOLD

5.) Despise Banner - 5m
6.) Brit Royal Zoo Special Achievement Award Pedastal - 5m - Sale Pending
7.) 2 Hitching Posts - 500k Each SOLD

9.) Tongue of Flames
10.) Black Candle
11.) Crystal Portal Vet Reward - 1.5m SOLD
12.) Corrupted Crystal Portal Vet Reward - 1.5m SOLD

13.) 2 Skeletal Hangman - 1m for both
14.) Kurak Tribal Banner - 1m SOLD
15.) Barako Tribal Banner - 1m SOLD

16.) 5 Kings Collection Golden Tables - 500k
17.) 6 Glowing Runes - 10m for all SOLD
18.) Skull Rug Vet Reward - 10m SOLD

20.) 2nd Year Vet Banner - 500k
22.) Gadgetry Table Vet Reward - 10m SOLD
23.) Marble Character Statue Maker Vet Reward Deed form - 7m SOLD
24.) 2 4th Year Decorative Hanging Shields Vet Reward - 1m Each SOLD

25.) 12 Virtue Tapestry Deeds - 2m
26.) 7 Steward Deeds - 1m
27.) 6 Mannequin Deeds - 1m
28.) 2x Academic Bookcases and 2x Full Bookcases - 4m - Sale pending
29.) Armaments and Barters Guild Signs
30.) Dragon Easter Egg
31.) Rotten Pumpkin
32.) 2 Enchanted Europa Wheelbarrows SOLD
33.) Blood Wall Splatter SOLD

34.) 3 Chests of Drawers from cleanup
35.) Lesser wolfgang red ruby SOLD
36.) Blood Purified Book of Truth
37.) Speak 'Sarcophigadae' in the central room of the Tomb (Red Book of Truth)
38.) 2 Red Virtue Pillows

1.) Europa Gold Cloth Obi, Checkered Kilt, Long Pants, SOLD
2.) 2 Ethy Polar Bears SOLD
4.) 2 Britannian Ships & Pilot Wheel Deed SOLD

5.) Armour engraving tool 23 charges left
7.) 3 Rose in a Vase
8.) Honourable Swords of Nobukazu
9.) 21 Grass Tiles SOLD
10.) An Effigy of King Blackthorn Sculpted by Europa's Rebellion -100m SOLD

11.) Legends Abyssal Mesanna Spider Tree SOLD
12.) Blackthorn's Throne Replica
13.) Prankster's Halloween Mask Europa EM Event item
15.) 2 Gilded Statue from Personal Collection of the King
16.) 21 Europa Gold Square Gozas SOLD
17.) 4 Replica Hitching Posts & 8 hitching rope
18.) Necklace blessed for a brown bear & Personal bless deed for a brown bear. SOLD
19.)'For the best of the best, love PapaBear' old valentines note. SOLD

20.)Obsidian Statue of Exultant Animal Tamer & Fanatical Crusader.
21.) 20 Golden Strong Boxes & 1 Ship Strongbox. SOLD
22.) Bearmask Collection:
-Bearmask with 51 Invis Charges
-Bearmask with 6 Strength Charges
-Bearmask Bearing the Crest ofMinax
-Bearmask of the Kotl
-Bestial Helm
- Polar Bear Mask
-"EM Tailspin is Leaving and Mesanna is not making him go!" Bearmask SOLD
-Bearmask of Doom
-Bearmask of Enchanted Origin


1.)2,800 Faery Dust SOLD
2.)2,600 Lumiscent Fungi SOLD
3.)2,400 Seed of Renewal SOLD
4.)1,800 Crystal Shards SOLD
5.) 1,170 Essence of Order SOLD
6.) 850 Essence of Singularity SOLD
7.) 850 Essence of Precision SOLD
8.)850 Essence of Balance SOLD
9.)1,800 Boura Pelts SOLD
10.) 1,100 Relic Fragments SOLD
11.) 60,000 Magical Residue SOLD
12.) 5,000 Enchanted Essence SOLD
13.) 60,000 Iron Ingots SOLD

14.) 13 Gold marble Fireplaces
15.) Stuffy Bear Horde:
-32 Normal Coloured
-3 Purple
-3 Brown
-2 Cyan
-2 Green
-7 Blue
-A Vicious Cuddly Drop Bear in Celebration of Australia Day
17.) Bracers of Alchemical Devastation [Replica]
18.) Gauntlets of Virtue Bane - SOLD
19.) Invasion Spellbook 30 SDI, MR 3, LRC 10
20.) Scrappers with 15 LRC and +11 Med
21.) Corguls Enchanted Sash - Sale Pending
23.) Spirit of the Totem
24.) Conjurer's Grimoire
25.) Shanty's Waders - SOLD
28.) Epaulette bearing the crest of Blackthorn DCI 3 HCI 3 SDI 3 - Sale Pending

29.) Scrappers with LRC 12, MR 1, +9 Med
30.)Crystaline Ring - Sale Pending
31.) Soldier's Medal Talisman - SOLD
36.) Necromancers Phylactery Talisman - SOLD
41.) 6 Yellow Crystalized Essences (Summons Harbringer at Cemeteries on use) - SOLD


1.) Almost Complete Set of Halloween Costumes (Just Missing 1 which is Exodus Minion), Also comes with:
-Magik Flippers (Sandals) that turn you into an orc
-Barrererak's Beat Up Ring that turns you into a Goblin
-Bloody Sash that transforms you into a werewolf at night

2.) Undertaker's Staff with 64 Charges Remaining (Teleports your corpse to you from a few screens away when you equip and use it). - SOLD
4.) Thread of Fate, Thought and Life
5.) Mesanna's Cream Pie
9.) 2 Ladders - 1 SOLD
10.) 5 Icy patches (You slip over on them when you lock them down at your house).
11.) Chaos Shield Collection:
-Chaos Shield of the Kotl
-Chaos Shield of Doom
-Chaos Shield bearing the crest of Minax
-Chaos Shield of Enchanted Origin
-Chaos Shield of the Cult
-Old Event Black Chaos Shield & Obsidian Blade Pair
-Museum of Vesper Chaos Shield
-Sign of Chaos
-Lord Blackthorn's Exemplar
12.) Full set of Holiday 'Statue of Blackthorn' busts
13.) 50 Curtains
14.) 4 Hanging Axes and 1 Hanging Swords
15.) 2 Fallen Log Deeds SOLD
16.) Peace, Plum, Apple and Cherry Blossom Trees - SOLD
17.) 3 Clean up Fire Pits
18.) Green Marble Fireplace
19.) Kings Collection Embroidered Tapestry


1.) Rock Collection (185 Items):
-23 Doom Stealable Rock
-59 Daily Rare Rock Bundle
-9 Daily Rare Single Rock
-5 Single black lava Rock
-9 Rubble White Moongate Rock
-9 Sacred Lava Rock (Orange/Abyssal Colour)
-10 Rubble Squarish Boulder/rock
-15 Rubble triple Rock graphic (12 Grey, 2 Brown, 1 White)
-7 Rubble Single Small Rock (4 White, 3 Grey)
-2 Granite Shaped Rocks
- 1 Rubble Egg Shape Rock
- 1 Rubble Half Edge Rock
-5 Medium Pointed Flowstone - Sale Pending
-1 Dome Shaped Flowstone - Sale Pending
-13 Assorted small Stalagmites - Sale Pending
-6 Larger Stalagmites (3 Reddish/brown and 3 Grey) - Sale pending

-10 Grey Stone Pavers
2.)Pipe Cactus
3.)Banana Tree
4.) 2 Small Banana Tree
5.) 5 Assorted Mushrooms
6.) 5 Rubble Ferns in 3 different styles
7.) Old Crimson Red Invasion NPC Armour Collection (Imbueable):
-11 Plate Helmet
-11 Plate Gorget
-11 Plate Gloves
-11 Plate Tunic
-10 Plate Arms
-14 Plate Legs
-5 Ringmail Tunic
-1 Ringmail Arms
-1 Ringmail legs
-3 Chainmail Coif
-3 Chainmail Tunic
-3 Chainmail Leggings
8.) Abyssal Goza Collection:
-111 Square Goza [East]
-201 Square Goza
-8 Brocade Goza [East]
-3 Brocade Goza [South]
-3 Brocade Square Goza [East]
-6 Goza [East]
-1 Goza [South]
I spent around 200m on Abyssal cloth over the years to make abyssal gozas as it takes 25 cloth to make each one. I was obsessed with building tents and lining my floors with them as you can see from the pics below they do look very nice. I know they aren't a highly popular item, they aren't worth any points from binning them so it seems a shame to trash them all. Will be happy to give them to a new home for free.
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Finley Grant

Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Supporter
all brazier
skull rug
gadgettry table
6 Yellow Crystalized Essences
all chaos banners

Finley Grant

Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Campaign Supporter
6 Glowing Runes - 10m for all
Crystal Portal Vet Reward - 1.5m
12.) Corrupted Crystal Portal Vet Reward - 1.5m
2 Enchanted Europa Wheelbarrows


Stratics Veteran
Hey Esca,
Will take the following please!
Lot 1
33.) Blood Wall Splatter
Lot 2
4.) 2 Britannian Ships & Pilot Wheel Deed
1.)2,800 Faery Dust
2.)2,600 Lumiscent Fungi
3.)2,400 Seed of Renewal
4.)1,800 Crystal Shards
5.) 1,170 Essence of Order
6.) 850 Essence of Singularity
7.) 850 Essence of Precision
8.)850 Essence of Balance
9.)1,800 Boura Pelts
10.) 1,100 Relic Fragments
11.) 60,000 Magical Residue
12.) 5,000 Enchanted Essence
13.) 60,000 Iron Ingots

Happy for you to tell me what to pay for that lot! Drop me an ICQ and we'll hook up.


Crazed Zealot
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Sorry about the slowness of sorting this, I had to go away for a funeral. I'll be on tomorrow to get stuff sorted