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Character History Stories

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
This thread is for those wishing to post their character history stories for all to read and understand a character better.
Tell us who your character was or what they did before they came to Kijustsu Anei or the area. This is also a good chance for you to further understand your character so have fun with it.
Also include your current information so we know what your doing in Kijustsu Anei.



Character Story: Aldric was born in a log cabin in the woods of trinsinc.
When Aldric was this old this happend. This is why he hates spiders and boats.
When this happened it drove him to wander the lands and he stumbled apon Kijustsu Anei.
Now Aldric works for the Crafters society.
The end.

Of course yours would be more detailed and more realistic but that was just a small outline. a bad one.


Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
History of Ado the Theif

Ado the Theif- Barkeep of the Iron Bandit Inn

Ado was born in the small town of Velvar. His mother died when he was very young so he spent most of his time with his father at his music shop where he practiced and perfected the skill of musicianship. Ado was one of the best bards in the area for being so young. Velvar, being such a small town was regularly tormented by brigands, and other fierce creatures that lurked in the forest. When Ado was in his late teens the town was bombarded by brigands, and being a fighter as well Ado's father rushed to help those under attack not knowing what fate might meet him. He did not return after the brawl. Grief-stricken and alone Ado closed his father's shop and retired into the cold, lonely depths of his home. The townsfolk grew very worrisome after weeks of not seeing the young boy.

Only one person was able to feel Ado's pain. This person was a young lady named Blythe, whom her parents we're both gone as well. After weeks of talking with Blythe, Ado started becoming attached to the young woman and they decided to start living together. Ado, pulled out of the darkness was back on his feet again and was in need of a job so he could provide for himself and Blythe, so he re-opened his father's music shop and started crafting instruments and giving instrument lessons to some of the young townsfolk.

A year or so after Ado and Blythe we're steady and back on their feet they decided to wed and have a child. As a wedding gift they each exchanged necklaces. The necklace Blythe had given to Ado was an off white Ankh pendant and he gave to her a rose pendant which he had crafted himself. They had a beautiful girl, whom they named Anios, which Ado adored as she grew.

Years later, Ado was making his round at the tavern after stopping at a clients home to drop an instrument off. After he had had his fill of ale he decided to walk down the path to his home. He did not expect what he was to find next. His home which he had grown to love his family and forget terrible memories was up in flames along with his two most important loved ones. Hysterical, Ado tries to save his loved ones but is blocked by the wall of flames. Once again Ado had lost all he ever knew, and loved. He was homeless, and lost. He decided he could never love again in thought that he was cursed to lose all that he loved.

Not long after this horrible accident, Ado moved from Velvar to a bigger city known as Britain. There in Britain, Ado had nothing and he was no body. He quickly learned the art of lift and lay, known as stealing, which he was taught by a few of the local thieves. Now a thief in Britain, he became a drunk as well and got to be a bit sloppy with his thieving while intoxicated. One night while trying to lift some very expensive jewelry from a noble woman's home he was caught by the servants and was restrained in the noble woman's cellar and beaten senseless. The next day the noble woman's husband came down to give Ado an offer. Work for them to recover important information on other noble families or be thrown to the city guards to be tossed into the cells. Ado immediately accepted the noble man's offer to snoop around for his freedom. Ado was released but was threatened that if he went back on his word he would be found and hung. He was then released. After he left the mansion Ado decided it was best to skip town and start anew somewhere else in which he stumbled on the village of Kijustsu Anei where he knew he would be safe. Safe from his previous captors that is. Ado knew Kijustsu was a dangerous village of darkness and mystery but knew he could manage.

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Sinthe from Savage Tribe in dark lands called
Ilshenar. Sinthe have sister called Sinhi.
Sinthe older and smarter then Sinhi. Sinthes
carers taken by men with swords and white armor.
Sinthe not see them anymore. Sinthe not like
men in white armor with swords. Sinthe take care
of Sinhi for long time. Sinthe and Sinhi take
many hats.

Many lights ago Sinthe and Sinhi take
Tribal Chief hat. Tribal Chief not happy. Chief
send Sinthe and Sinhi far. Sinthe and Sinhi
look for new place. Sinthe and Sinhi take hats
with them. Sinthe leave Sinhi in hard to find
cave while Sinthe find new home. Sinthe run into
Orcs. Orcs attack Sinthe. Orcs meet dirt after
attacking Sinthe. More Orcs come and Sinthe
go to get Sinhi. Sinthe and Sinhi battle orcs.
Sinthe and Sinhi fight hard.

HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH! sound from back of
Sinthe and Sinhi. Sinthe and Sinhi get more
savages helping battle orcs. Sinthe and Sinhi
meet Niva The Savage. Sinthe and Sinhi join
Niva's Tribe Tonkaweya. Sinthe and Sinhi
rest in fort in Island Village. Sinthe and Sinhi
hide hats in Island Village fort and protect
hats there and Tribe!

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Sinhi tell story better than Sinthe! Sinthe always tell bad.
Sinhi and Sinthe take hats from tribe in Ilshenar! Sinhi have most hats and Sinthe always try to take Sinhi's hats. Sinhi and Sinthe try to take tribe chief hat and he mad! he make sinhi and sinthe go far way! Sinhi find dark cave and tell sinthe to stay because orcs! orcs kill sinthe if they find! Sinthe cry! Sinhi leave to find food and new fort! Sinhi only find orcs! Orcs find sinhi blade! Sinhi go back to cave and get Sinthe. Sinhi and Sinthe find more orcs! Other savages come help kill! Other savages show Sinhi and Sinthe fort! Ask sinhi and sinthe join Tonkaweya! Sinhi say yes! Sinhi and Sinthe have hat pile at fort! It good! Savages find orcs and kill for stew! This also good!

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Background Saga: Midnight Moon

Born during a moonless night, a rarity that happens every 125 years, it was apparent that she was to be no ordinary human. At an early age her intrigue and inexplicable perception of nature and worldly elements and her somewhat uncanny abilities of knowing just the right thing at the right time made it clear she clearly gifted. She became scholarly in ways to commune with nature, as well as mankind, and too in the mystical arts. .

Midnight Moon traversed the realm alone carrying with her the traditions and name of her clan, the Society of Ancestral Guardian Elders ([email protected]) knowing that soon she would be joined by others of her clan and that she had much preparation to tend to.

She was fortunate to befriend Lord Gareth and his clan and to be accepted into their village as one of their own. She would continue her studies, learning the ways of her newly found friends and building a foundation for her clan until such time as they could rejoin her. Until then, she would offer her guidance and knowledge to those throughout the land in need. She had much to learn of her new surroundings and they had much to learn of her.