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Character Application to Join Loria

Lore Denin (GL)

Stratics Veteran
Character Name:

Physical Appearance: (Race, sex, height, hair, etc)

Personality: (habits, goals, demeaner, etc)

History: (What players know about you)

Dreams/Goals (what does your character want to do with his/her life?)

[Simply reply to this thread and post information into the spaces below]
Name: Princess Nikki
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Hair: brown

Habits: Is a careing woman who strives to see her friends snd people prosper. Does not trust Lord Blackthorn.

Dreams: To see Britania free and united.

Note: Princess Nikki is the daughter of Lord British. Princess of Britania and Loria. Lady of Newcastle.
Her royal standard is that of her fathers but aded a bleeding heart in the center.