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"Caveat Emptor" (EM Inactive RP Storyline)

Ethereal Void Imperium

Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Scarlet Von Trinsic Test

Scarlet Von Trinsic Tests Kijustsu Anei Village
Kijustsu Anei Village, Homare-Jima
February 4, 2010

All was quiet on the island of Homare-Jima. Shops began to close and people
returned to their homes and in some cases their forts. What was thought of as
another day ended turned into its beginning. One of the Inhabitants of Kijustsu
Anei was setting up the new alert system implemented by the Kijustsu Anei
Village Intendant, Luna Rossa. A loud battle cry was heard and as they turned
around they gazed upon a army of Orcs, Orge Lords and Ettins marching down
the street of Monk's Crossing!!! Many quickly made their way to the strongest
building in the village. The Kijustsu Anei Intendant building. Kijustsu Anei Village
government must be kicking themselves, for not having that alert system setup
in time for such an attack upon their land.

By word of mouth news spread across the land. The creatures attacks came
from all over. Savages, Sages, Paladins, Warriors, Knights even drunken Friers
answered to the call. The forces took some time to get under control but, they
were able to defeat the incoming army of Orcs and more. Once the battle was
finished many questions were left. Why have orcs and other creatures attacked
the land? Who were they attacking? Were they after Samantha Kent? Were they
sent to PaxOku or Village? Did the Savages have some unknown war going on?

Just as everyone began to gather to discuss what was going on a lady
appeared before them. Standing on top of the banner she was identified
as Scarlet Von Trinsic. People in crowed began to get angry. They quickly
figured out that Scarlet was the one behind this invasion. Scarlet jumped
down off of the banner to address them all. Niva was not very thrilled as
Scarlet made her way towards them.

”Should thank me Savage. I just sent over a clan of
your enemies to their death...A mere test. ”

Mirt responded, ”Why do we not just throw her in jail? ”

”Jail!? That’s rich. I’ve not an evil bone in my body. It’s about opportunity.
Funny ya know. A horde of orcs besieges thy town And where is the Queen’s
army?” You could tell those around started to wonder. “Noooowheree……..
Perched up in her castle drinking Winfield’s wine likely. Dreadful stuff by the
way. Swiped a few bottles from the courier and let me tell ya. I’ve had
swamp water with a better taste. Well, no matter. Guess ya just have to
watch out for yourself these days. ”

The crowd began to chatter amongst themselves. Has the Queen abandoned
them? Do they no longer have the protection they require? Few moments
later Gareth asked… “Would you be able to provide any protection? ”

”Ahhh Now we’re talkin’ Everything has a price."

Niva in a strong tone had a question of her own.
“What human Red have offer Village? ”

“And no amount of gold will satisfy my thirst. Oh I’ll see your village is safe
alright But it will cost you. All about the intangibles my dear. I ask when
the time is right to answer my call. I do say though… Caveat Emptor….”

As everyone once again began to talk amongst themselves. Many in
attendance yelled that they were making a deal with the devil but,
how could one devil resist another devils offer? A voice informed Von
Trinsic that they would need to inform the Intendant who is the leader
of their village.

”Discuss it amongst your peoples. When I return next,
I expect your response. Ta ta for now gents!"

Scarlet Von Trinsic quickly vanished. The words of Scarlet Von Trinsic would
weigh heavily on their minds tonight. Some did not know what Caveat Emptor
meant. Caveat Emptor - buyer beware without a warranty the buyer takes
the risk. Is the Kijustsu Anei community intrigued with this offer? We shall see.