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(Player News) Catskills Rares Tour/Contest , Open To All Come Join the Fun 3 bil in prizes to be won


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Well folks, as you finish reading this background story the event has officially started. The last day for submission will be September 1st (Saturday around the evening) so if you don't see mailboxes at the starting house then the submission is over. We will tally up the points and determine winners.

Lady Mary, the official Memorabilia Archivist for Catskills shard appointed by Queen Dawn herself (her first cousin) has recently received an official audit notification by the Royal Council. The auditor, is none other than the Royal Memorabilia Archivist himself Lord Manticore AKA Manti. This is the first time in over 10 years since Lady Mary was appointed to this position that a physical audit was going to occur. Needless to say Lady Mary is very anxious for she is wise in her age but never really had a system of cataloging them. Instead, she had been storing them throughout the Catskills museums. These museums are sanctioned by the Catskills shard local government as official tourist hot-spots (these museums are free to attend for anyone just like those found in great capital of London, Britannia) NOTE: Kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
This is where she needs your help. Lord Manticore’s visit will be in two weeks. Lady Mary would like volunteers to help her catalog these memorabilia’s so that she can have the reports ready for him when he arrives. For your time and service, she will generously reward those who have helped her in a significant way with gold coins and memorabilia from her own private collections (Since she is from the Nobel family, she is loaded!!).
However, in order to earn her rewards these reports must be concise because Lady Mary certainly doesn’t want to report things she doesn’t have or under report things that were supposed to be there. She had been asked in advance by Lord Manticore to provide 6 different inventory lists for when he arrives. They are:

1. Master list of all the above mentioned items but also cataloged them into the right year. Server births and first Britannia Clean-up items can be listed under pre-2000. Items you don’t know could be under Misc. list.

2. Master list of all EM events items (this include accidental non-lockdowns), server births, Mesanna items, specific items from the first Britannia clean-up (Phoenix armor pieces, Singing Ball, Hair and Beard dyes and sculpturing creams, IBD).
3. List of all EM holiday items separated by the holidays.

4. List of all Mesanna event items separated by year and shard.

5. List of all EM events items (this includes accidental non-lockdowns) only.

6. List of all server births items only.

Lady Mary suggests to help you identify the items, please go to the Official Stratics library and seek out the All Time Rare Items Compendium 2004-2011 and the current Rare Items Compendium 2012 published by Lord Manticore. They can be found:

EM Event Items - Rubbles - Server Births | Stratics Forums

SEASON 10 - 2012 EVENT ITEM LIST | Stratics Forums

To get started, please visit the museum located in the city of Luna on the Catskills shard North/East side called “Queen’s Battlement”. There is a rune locked next to the Luna moongate if you can’t find it.

Once you arrive at Queen’s, there should be a magical moongate in place. As you step through, it will lead you to the next museum eventually hitting all 21 museums. There will also be two rune books locked down at Queens with all the museum locations.
There will be vendors at Queen’s with free books for which you can create your inventory list and free marked runes to Queens so you can recall back to. When you complete the list, please drop it in one of three mailboxes located at Queens. Within each book, please put your char contact name, the event # the book is submitted for, ICQ number if you have one or if not your Stratics name. If you don’t have either, you may write in your email address (these email addresses will only be viewed by Lady Mary and Lord Manticore). You may enter for as many contests as you wish. Rewards will be announced after September 2nd. You have until September 1st to enter these books.

NOTE: Lord Manticore is a stickler on accuracy. If you wrote down bad answers (things that don’t belong to the above mentioned list) you will have 1 point taken off against a correct answer. Sort of like the SAT exam if you are familiar with that

HINT: Make sure you also check the containers if they are viewable for hidden items
HINT: You may want to create a char with recall capabilities on Catskills

Contributor List:
1. Anonymous Donor - 400 Mil
2. Decadence - 353 Mil
3. Nabin - 500 Mil & Mystery Box Worth ~200 Mil
4. Manticore - Box of mystery items worth >500 Mil
5. Anonymous Donor - 10 Mil
6. Hachi: A Dog's Tale - 1 Billion GP
7. Tzadkiel (UWF) - 10 Mil
8. Varrius - Hubcap from Delorean - 100-150 Mil
9. Angel Dust - 30 Mil
10. Members Of The Toad Ton (Atlantic) - Items and Gold Worth ~275 Mil
11. Anonymous Donor - 50 Mil
12. Lucky Luciano - 50 Mil
13. Bone Iver - 50 Mil
14. Blend - Items Worth ~100 Mil
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