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Capture the Flag

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Lore Keeper
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Date: 2/10/13 (Sunday February 10th 2013)
Time: 7:00pm EST
Location: Undisclosed Location
Rules/Description of the Event: Can be found here (** Not currently true **)
Prizes: Prizes for all participants.
Gates: Gates will be provided from Luna bank 10 min before and up to 5 min after the scheduled start


1- Participants must be naked, with nothing in their packs
2- No Healing of any kind is allowed
3- No Hiding or Stealthing is allowed
4- Wrestling specials ARE allowed
5- Crates are to be used as Blockers, and can be picked up again
6- The game is over when one team is remaining

After being gated to the undisclosed location, participants will be snooped to make sure your packs are empty. After satisfied the ref will hand you paintball packets (bag of stuff to be used during play). Once that is done, teams will be obvious as the paintball packets will contain diffrent colored robes among other things. After each team is ready the two groups will head to oposite sides of the play area, and flag on the ref (this means go into war mode and attack the ref, so that you beome grey). When everyone is grey the ref will yell "GO" and you may commence blowing each other up. The twist to this game is that at each side of the play area teams will discover a diffrent colored cloak, this is a team flag. Teams may win by capturing the other flag (equiping the cloak, and running back to your side), however you own flag must be in possession of your team as well.

The locked crates that everyone gets in their paintball packs will probably turn out to be quite useful for controlling the other team...
Not open for further replies.