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Can't wait to check it out!


Stratics Veteran
Hey! Saw a post about Project Gorgon on MMORPG and decided to come on over and look around.

I love what you've written about the state of the MMO industry and what you are trying to accomplish with P:G. My first "MMO" experience was with Gemstone, and old mud from Simutronics. Amazing what they accomplished with just text. Then of course, DAOC came around, and Asheron's Call, and EQ, and WoW, so on so forth. Those were fun and exciting times. But once WoW became the 8ft gorilla - all attempts at uniqueness seemed to fade. It was full-out clone time. And then the cash shop nonsense. I do believe alot of developers will look back and realize that F2P with a cash-shop is actually not the best long-term financial arrangement.

But anyway, I am rambling. Downloading the game now! More thoughts later.


Stratics Veteran
Welcome to the community!

Enjoy feeling like a true newbie again and don't hesitate to ask for assistance if you feel lost, lonely, or loony.


Stratics Veteran
I as well, just registered and had seen a thread on MMORPG.com so decide to come check it out. I also agree with whats been written here about the state of the MMO industry as well as being a old AC, EQ, DAOC, WOW vet. I've been really looking hard for something new. I can't wait to leave work in 12 minutes and start downloading this game to check it out.

Can anyone answer me whether or not this game is working with the Pantheon:ROTF team? I vaguely remember originally hearing about this from their forums but I could be mistaken, was just wondering. Looking forward to testing this out.