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[Selling] Cannon supplies


Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Sure are some crazy high prices for HS gear. I understand that building craftsmen to Grandmaster and above is expensive and time consuming (not to mention the boredom of saltpeter mining), but still guys and gals, no need to gouch the un-crafty ones ...

Come shop at the Hungry Hippos vendor at Ye Olde BODy Shoppe on Luna's South Street:

Heavy Cannon (ea) - 25,000

Fuse (20) - 50,000

Heavy Powder Charge (20) - 36,000

Heavy Cannonball (20) - 2,500

Heavy Grapeshot (20) - 3,000

matches, ramrods, swabs all on vendor and dirt cheap. Most of it comes free oou of Pirate lockers!

Usually restocked daily in the morn (100-200 full rounds) but empty by nightfall.

Roddy Doyle

Very nice to see people not gauging peeps on this...if you want pm me and i will buy some bulk from you..if not i will swing by your vendors :)
thx for being fair in the pricing i know its an expensive trade..best prices ive seen :D