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Can play Uo on ipad or phone now


Yeah, free shards have been able to use MobileUO for a while now. Most can easily support it.

Good luck getting Broadsword to do it.


An example of a player using it on a more modern free shard during treasures of khaldun.

Also, the links provided by the OP work. Just click on the big white reddit picture in his first post.

Stinky Pete

Lore Master
And it comes complete with 3rd party apps LOL.
I haven't played the mobile client but from the looks of it, it seems to be a modified version of ClassicUO. ClassicUO comes with Razor. The cool part is that Razor will negotiate features with the server so if a server owner doesn't want a particular feature to be used, they can set it as such and that feature is removed. The guy who maintains Razor these days seems like a pretty straight up guy, very open about what it can do and things that it will never be able to do (like auto-loot).


Seasoned Veteran
ClassicUO doesn't come with razor exactly. Outlands's version does, but the base client has it as an option I believe.
Broadsword should embrace the modding/custom client community and provide a safe vetted upstream mod-repo.
I used to be a quite staunch conservative client user, but even I realize that to keep the game alive and healthy modern features need to be implemented. Since Broadsword doesnt have the resources to do all these amazing things themselves, they ought to embrace it. Not shun it.


Stratics Veteran
I have try to play with MobileUO on UODreams, i'v tested it the first month of development.
I think was good for play in pvm facet, most difficult set it for pvp because the difference with player that play with assistant like UOSteam, Razor/Enhanced was very hight, but is a very cool app.

I post some video that i made playng on UODreams with it:

Dread Horn:


Stygian Abyss MiniChamp:

Neira ChampionSpawn on LostLand: