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Can Guild Wars 2 gold in your hands maintain value


Stratics Veteran
Guild Wars 2 gold is so important that almost every Guild Wars 2 players want to keep it purchasing power. While, can you?
  It's seems that recent interest in Guild Wars 2 gold is instead motivated by the desire to maintain value. Many players heard that gem maintain their value. Hence, there are some players exchanging Guild Wars 2 gold of gem. Is that the right action? Maybe not. The ratio between Guild Wars 2 gold and gem is not stable, floating with the number of gem and Guild Wars 2 gold. Therefore, if all the players maintain Guild Wars 2 value by exchanging gem, the rate would change, leading the inflation of Guild Wars 2 gold. In that occasion, can Guild Wars 2 gold be maintained value? Of course not.
  If we value our Guild Wars 2 gold, we can act to maintain. At first, you should have you own opinions, instead of going with the stream. Then, know well about Guild Wars 2 gold, including its ratios, functions and so on. Based on the knowledge you have obtained, make a forecast on tread of Guild Wars 2 gold. Finally, according to the current situation and your forecast, buy or sell out Guild Wars 2 gold