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Calling all sims! (and the humans that run them)

  • Thread starter Renee TSO
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Renee TSO

I know it seems kind of pointless to play now that TSO is closing. I also know its kind of painfull to log in and see that everything will be gone soon. However there are many of us that still need you!! We need you to open your money houses so we can make some money. Show up for sim work so we can try like heck to finnish the job track and make money. There are a few shops and skill houses but if everyone comes back we will need more of those open. We also need all those people who try to top the friend list! Im sure many of you can agree!

I know for myself im hitting a brick wall *sniffels* I cant find a money house so i try to do sim work by myself. I get demoted because i have ONE friend. Ive been keeping my shop open as much as possable since many arent open. Many sims have the same troubles i have so im losing money at the shop(i never cared about profit but im running out of money) I think it would kill my human if she couldnt buy a counter for a sim who was "a little short on pocket change". Dont make me sell my gnome people!* *giggles*

PLus i want to make some lasting memorys in these last days. We have less then 30 days, lets make the best of it! If you dont have much time just log in for 20 mins a day. A lot of jam can be made in 20 mins. Same for friending! 20 mins can get you about 5 friends. If i remeber right a round of sim work can be done in 20 mins also. Im sure many fond memorys can be made in 20 mins as well. All i ask is you come back and try...

* the astrik was for the fact i said i would NEVER sell my gnome. It was a gift for IH being down for almost/over a week. I would link the thread for you but that too is gone. You dont sell gifts! *smiles*

Cherri Bear

I have to be gone from July 10-July 19th.

I will be offline for an Alaskan cruise :)

As soon as I get back, I will log onto TSO and I hope to have the last days awesome and memorable as ever!!!!!!

I Love you all!!!!

Hugs Forever...Cherri

Renee TSO

Cherri i hope you have a great trip! Ill be here trying to round up some more people to play. Now i have a goal! There is two of us now that need you to play. You have till the 19th or ill sick cherri on you as well *laughs kind of hard* Ok its been a long day just watching my trees grow and just a few vistors...im glad i have 10 pets to play with.

Qute Pi

I opened the carnival the last few days and had a lot of fun with the guests. It makes me want to open more often, just a hard property to host alone.
One month left, time to make it count! :)


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Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
I can open my money house while im working, I'll be mostly afk but I'm happy to help out.

Renee TSO

Quti pi i have some homeless sims if you would like help hosting your house. I forgot about my betaville sims! Contact renee tso in game and ill find a sim for you. : )

Nikki, afk would be fine with me and im sure the others that are looking for a money house wouldnt mind either. I can always run home to green if your not there. : ))

I think this is awesome! Thanks for any kind of help or company you all can give. This is in TRUE tso spirit!

Lisa Harvey

My other sim, Stella, will open her money house, but no one ever comes to it :confused: I will help as much as I can......


I can never get into my money houses thanks to EA banning free accounts from them. Mind you I'm a FOUNDER. Damn EA.:stretcher: