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EM Site Feed Caddellite Potion Notes from Dr. Owl

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Dear Alchemists, Mages, and Scholars of the Arcane:

I admit I have not yet developed a working potion, so I am asking for your arcane expertise to figure out the specifics. Beyond providing the ingredients you can, please write down your formula in a book with your name. Include any preparation directions you feel relevant.


I. Some form of Caddellite, possibly still bound by rock.

II. An ingredient to bring out the potency of Caddellite.

III. An ingredient to prevent the toxicity of Caddellite.

IV. An ingredient so the potion does not interfere with the casting of spells.

V. An ingredient to protect the dreams and meditations of the drinker.

VI. An ingredient to mitigate the loss of stamina and other deleterious side effects caused by the potion.

VII. Two ingredients to allow the normal flow of mana into and out of a person, one for each tide.

VIII. As the formula will make a drinkable potion, one ingredient to improve taste.

IX. Brain tissue to test a small amount of the potion to insure its safety and efficacy.

All who participate will be invited to join the Seers of the Moonstone. Current members who help will be promoted to Lorekeepers. The best and most creative recipe will be used to make potions to help the Seers of the Moonstone and other mages, such as our king. The mages who worked on it will be recognized for this great task in our archives.

  • Our mailbox is at the Award Hall, accessible through the gate outside the Counselor Hall.
  • If you are using the Enhanced Client, please be sure to redleaf your book before turning it in.
  • If you would prefer to mail in your discoveries, please send them to one or both of us.
  • Submissions will be accepted until November 4th at 11:59 PM.
  • Questions about this activity can be sent to EM Malachi.

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