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[CA Stratics] Specialist Creation Contest Winners Announced


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Following a grueling two weeks of judging, the winners of the 2012 Specialist Creation Contest were announced on Thursday. Contestants were asked to create original specialist characters, complete with background information, a proposed epic weapon, and optional fan art. The five judges reviewed each entry meticulously, looking for creativity, richness, innovation, and balance. Each judge proposed a top ten list, which were subsequently compared to build the final five winners. Seventeen entries made it onto at least one top ten list–a testament to the competitiveness of these entries. The original contest instructions may be viewed here.
Congratulations Winners!

Congratulations to the contest winners. Those earning prizes will be contacted via e-mail.
1st Place:​
Red Fox (by UziOwns)
2nd Place:​
Vexed (by Unscarred)
3rd Place:​
Blayze (by -MockingJay)
4th Place:​
Ancient Mariner (by Fallentanker)
5th Place:​
Zev (by Stalker0)
Honorable mention entries will be added over time to our Fan Specialists page.
Thank You, Judges!

A very special thanks to our judges. The contest would not have been possible without them. Please visit and support their respective fan communities.
CC_Fang – Administrator, Community Ban List
Dr_Rock – Administrator, Legit Gaming Club
Lifted – Administrator, The Weekly Haze
Rocktrns – Owner and Administrator, Combat Arms Forum
ZeroExalted – Lead Administrator, Combat Arms Wiki

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