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[CA Stratics] MvP System & Update Previews


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
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Nexon has been working on a revamp of the MvP and scoring system that will be released in a short time. Interested in seeing who is better on your friends list? Well come release time you can with this updated system. Containing at least 14 different areas, this system will span the game modes and weapon proficiencies. The link to the Nexon page where the specific MvPs and descriptions can be found here:
In addition to this, the video on this page, as well as loading the Nexon Combat Arms page, is the second video to be released by Nexon to include previews of things to come in the game. Becides the updated MvP system, these are:
1) The first preview is with the updated specialists. In the first video, Nexon released a partial view of a man holding a pistol shaded by darkness. All that could be viewed was a tattoo of a scorpion. This second video showed a female bearing the mark of a spider, most likely a black widow, on her right shoulder. This one even contained audio of her saying, “This is gonna be hot.” This is unconfirmed, but will most likely be a unique line to this individual.
2) The return of scorpions versus spiders? At current there is no information leading to this, but the two updated specialists that Nexon has revealed have included scorpion and spider tattoos that were revealed to the viewers. Could we see the return of scorpions versus spiders event? Only time will tell.
3) The third preview is that of DUEL WIELDING. The video released by Nexon shows in game duel wielding of scorpion machine pistols at 21, 30, and 36 seconds. It is unconfirmed if there will be other weapon platforms that will have this ability, or if there is a special condition that must be met such as an upgrade. We shall see with the upcoming update.
Happy gaming.

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