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[CA Stratics] Memorial Day Sales and Celebrations!


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Benefactor

From May 25th up through May 28th, Nexon will have a number of sales and bonuses offered to players. From an increase of 50 percent experience and GP to all modes and matches, to 30 percent off of select weapons and items in the shops, this would be a great weekend to come in and have a blast (literally)!
While I have already listed the information on the 50 percent experience and GP increase on for this weekend, everything else listed below will also be part of this Memorial Day event:
—- Dual Skorpion Preview Sale!! The hotly-awaited supply drop is here. Now you can purchase the first dual weapon in Combat Arms for either 90-days (11,900 Nx) or for PERMANENT DURATION (24,900 Nx)! This sale will be available from May 25th until May 28th, so if you are in game, you should be able to see these in action! Check them out and see if YOU will also wield them!

—- 30, 90, & permanent-day buys for the following weapons will be 30 percent off (Permanent Nx amounts will also be listed next to the weapon below):
– AK-74 M (17,430 Nx)
– ACR Sandfire (17,430 Nx)
– FS2000 Tactical (17,430 Nx)
– L115A3 (20,930 Nx)
– TPG-1 Pro (20,930 Nx)
– MG-36 (13,930 Nx)
– M960 (17,430 Nx)
– VB Berapi LP02 (17,430 Nx)
– Pancor Jackhammer (13,930 Nx)
– Anaconda Gold (6,930 Nx)
– Kriss SpecOps (17,430 Nx)

—- HiSec key prices for both the gray and black keys have been reduced by 30 percent for all amounts.

—- Myst-99N cases are offered. (Available for 99 Nx at your local Black Market shop!)

—- Gray and black HiSec cases will be given to MvP winners based on what they won. Check the alphabetized and cased list below for what each MvP receives (This in addition to what MvP recipients already receive):
– Gray Case MvP’s:
B.R.A.S.S. – Gray Case
Contagious – Gray Case
Fragmentor – Gray Case
Medic! – Gray Case
Public Enemy – Gray Case
Skull Buster – Gray Case
The Cure – Gray Case
– Black Case MvP’s:
Bandit – Black Case
Endurance – Black Case
Flag Defender – Black Case
Spy Hunter – Black Case
That’s My Flag – Black Case
Untouchable – Black Case
War Hero –Black Case

—- Don’t forget that the sale for the Supply Case GP – EXTREME is still going on. From May 23rd until May 29th, you can purchase this limited-edition case that offers up to 10 MILLION GP. These EXTREME cases can be bought for one of three amounts (Get yours today!):
– 1 Item (1,400 Nx)
– 7 Items (9,100 Nx)
– 15 Items (16,800 Nx)

—- Don’t forget to chose a side for the upcoming Spiders Vs. Scorpions Event! Beginning June 16th, this event promises to be one to remember! Furthermore, you will be able to sign up at the beginning of the event, but if you “pre-sign” you will be guaranteed to receive free items! Check the Stratics link below for all of the information on this event!

—-This, and more information, can be found on the Nexon article here:

Now that you have the intel, get in the game & have some fun! Just make sure to thank those that have served over this Memorial Day weekend. Always honored, never forgotten.
Stratics wishes everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

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