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[CA News] CA Community Meets New Community Manager


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The Combat Arms (CA) community was introduced to its new Community Manager (CM) today. In response to a thread entitled “When are we getting a new CM?,” Khali (real name Nikki) surprised the community by responding, “You all might be getting one sooner than you think.” Shortly thereafter, Khali created a thread introducing herself as CA’s new CM. Her introduction may be viewed here.
CA players in North America have been without a full-time CM since Kalika’s departure in March. Hime, the CM for Nexon’s MapleStory, has been filling this role during the interim. The CM position is widely recognized as one of the most challenging jobs in the gaming industry, but it can also be among the most rewarding. Combat Arms Stratics wishes Khali the very best as she tackles her new responsibilities.

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