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[CA Europe Update] [Update] July Patch Notes


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Campaign Benefactor
Item Rarity & Item Grade
All items in the game have been assigned a rarity.
- Rarity range is as follows:
-> Bronze
-> Silver
-> Gold

- Bronze items are the most common while Gold items are the rarest items.
- Item name text will now have the following colors when viewed the inventory or Emporium:
-> Bronze rarity items: Bronze Text Color
-> Silver rarity items: Silver Text Color
-> Gold rarity items: Gold Text Color

- Users will be able to sort by rarity in the inventory or Emporium.
- All currently existing items in your inventory will properly display their rarity.
- All items in the game have been assigned a grade.
- Item Grade is used to provide a quick snapshot of overall power.

- Item Grade is ranked as follows:
-> 1-Star
-> 2-Star
-> 3-Star
-> 3-Star items are the highest grade while 1-Star is the lowest
-> All items will have both a grade and a rarity assigned to them.

Price Rebalance
Pricing has been changed to reflect the new rarity system.
- Weapons of lower rarity will be less expensive compared to weapons of higher
rarity (Example: A Single Bronze Star Item will cost less than a Single Silver Star Item.)

Flexible Acquisition
The majority of the items in the Emporium have been converted to the Flexible Acquisition system.
- The Flexible Acquisition system does the following:
-> Items that are included in the system can be rented for 1-Day for GP
-> Items that are included in the system can be rented for 1-Day for NX or
purchased for permanent duration for NX.
- Some items previously not sold for permanent duration will now be available
for purchase for permanent duration for NX.

- Items that are excluded from the Flexible Acquisition system:
-> Consumable items (Megaphones, Super Elite Moderator, Ect.)
-> Cosmetic Items

- 1-Day GP rentals have the following restrictions:
-> GP rentals weapons are unable to be customized
-> GP rentals weapons are unable to be forged
-> GP rentals weapons cannot stack rental durations
(Example: You purchase a 1-day GP rental for an AK-47.
You cannot rent the AK-47 again until duration expires on the current rental.)
-> Once the rental period ends on an item you are free to rent the item again.
-> 1-Day GP rental items cannot be discarded. You must allow for the item to
expire before it can be removed from your inventory.
-> There is no limitation on the amount of 1-Day GP rentals you can have.
(Example: You can have 10 1-Day GP rented guns and 30 1-Day GP
rented gear items as long as you possess the required GP to rent the items.)

- Rank restrictions are still in place for all items.
- Weapons that required a specific rank to purchase still have the rank restrictions associated with them.

- Also included in the Flexible Acquisition system is the new HiSec case: The Ghost HiSec
-> The Ghost HiSec will contain gear and weapons better than either the discontinued
Black or Grey HiSec case. This includes 1- & 2-Gold star weapons.
-> Keys for the Ghost HiSec can be purchased for either NX or GP.

Stat Display
Display of statistics on items has been modified.

- Weapon statistics will no longer be represented by bars to represent the value of various statistics.
- Weapon statistics will now be represent by whole number values.
- The follows statistics will be displayed for all weapons:
-> Damage
-> Rate of Fire
-> Recoil
-> Accuracy
-> Weight
-> Maximum Ammo
-> Modifications
-> Effective Range

Equipment Evaluation
The Equipment Evaluation system is designed to allow users to directly compare weapons and gear in a streamlined fashion.

- Right-Clicking on an item in the Emporium or your Inventory will enable the Equipment Evaluation system.
- Selecting another item will bring up a side by side comparison of both items.
- The relative gains and losses of stats between the two items will be displayed in red
(negative) or green(positive) numbers next to the item’s statistics.

Progression Revamp

Progression rewards have been improved.

- You will now receive larger amounts of GP when awarded GP awards for ranking up.
- Users will now receive special cases at certain ranks.
- Rank up cases will contain various rewards.
- The higher the rank, the higher of quality of items in the reward case.

MYST-N+ Changes
MYST-N+ crates will no longer be sold in the Emporium.

- The Supply Crate MYST-Weapon will replace the MYST-N+
- The MYST-Weapon will contain 1- and 2- Star Gold weapons, some for permanent duration.

Weapon Renewal Kit Changes
Weapon Renewal Kits have been removed from the Emporium

- The Weapon License will replace the WRK.
- Weapon License allows for the extension of the duration of 1- & 2-Star
Gold weapons for a random number of days as well as the possibility of making the weapon permanent.

Phased out Features
- The following features and items have been phased out of Combat Arms:
-> Black HiSec Cases
-> Grey HiSec Cases
-> Black HiSec Keys
-> Grey HiSec Keys
-> Weapon Renewal Kits
-> MYST-N+ Supply Case

Gun Rotation System
- The currently available free weapons will be available for one week.
- In the future, we will provide you with other free weapons.

Best regards,
Combat Arms Europe Team

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