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[CA Europe Update] [Patch Notes] New Items, National Battle & Bug Fixes


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[Patch Notes] New Items, National Battle & Bug Fixes
Patch Date: 21 Nov, 2012

New GP Weapons
- Pistol (GP): Marakov

“A popular standard sidearm for many armed forces. This pistol uses an 8 round magazine, and is very accurate.”


“A converted model based on the UMP, this submachine gun has been designed to have less recoil than the original model.”

New NX Weapons
- Assault Rifle (NX): LR 300 ML

- Sniper Rifle (NX): JNG-90

New Rare & Epic Weapons
- Sniper Rifle: M6A3 DMR

- Sniper Rifle: Andromalius

New Cosmetic Items
- Deckland's Face Paint: A cosmetic face paint item only available for Deckland.

- Scorpion's NVG: Cosmetic Night-Vision Goggles only available for Scorpion.

- Hawk's Peak Cap: A cosmetic military hat item only available for Hawk.

- Souza's Glasses: Cosmetic sunglasses only available for Souza.

System Update
- National Battle System added
- Notice display function added to login page
- EM & FreeVote
- OPK Defense Mechanism applied

Bug Fixes
Multiple bug fixes have been made this week:
- Adjustments to server-side functions to improve overall performance.
- Game rooms in the channel lobby now properly sort themselves.
- Players now fully stop moving when rounds and matches end.
- Male characters with a Recon Vest equipped now display their nameplate in the correct location.
- Implemented a number of changes to prevent certain high-impact exploits from functioning.
- Killing NPC's in Death Row now properly updates the Scoreboard.
- Corrected positioning issues with attachments for some weapons.
- The G18 Carbon Black now properly equips scopes.
- Player names should no longer appear grayed out in chat.
- Steady Hand no longer functions with scoped pistols.
- Remote Grenades are now tossed forward, in front of the Specialist, rather than placed at their feet.
- Ignoring other players now also blocks all of their communications, including Clan and Megaphone messages.

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