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[CA Europe Event] Pre-sale for Boxing Day!


Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
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Pre-sale for Boxing Day!​
Dec 05 - Dec 11 , 2012 (1 week)​
Hey Combatants!
We’re all looking forward to the festive season here at Combat Arms and to prepare you for a holiday full of action we’re giving you the opportunity to gear up now with massively reduced prices!​

Bonus 1 - Mercenary Package Sale
Did you miss the last Mercenary sale? Don’t worry; we’re giving you another chance to get your favorite Mercenary on a permanent duration!​

Bonus 2 - Category Sale!
Need a little extra help to make those crucial headshots and stay in the action for longer? Pick up a Sight or Fast Loader for only 50% of the usual price!​
Need a new image for the battlefield, are your foes starting to recognize you? We now have a large variety of Cosmetic items for 20% off. Freshen up your look now soldiers!​
Bonus 3 - Sale for Hot items!
We’ve looked at our feedback for the items you like the most, and as a special holiday bonus we’re offering the M67 Frag Pack, Specialist Backpack License and Specialist 2 Slot License as Permanent items! In addition, you can now buy 100% Bonus EXP Passes for the duration of the event, so grab one and boost your leveling now!​
Increase the chance to make your weapon a permanent one by picking up a rare Super Weapon Renewal Kit at an amazing 20% discount!​

Bonus 4 - 50% sale for famous permanent items
Just when you thought we couldn’t deliver any more, We have a MASSIVE 50% off a number of permanent weapons. At this price it would be a shame not to pick one up to see you through the holidays and 2013! Get one now before the offer expires!​

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