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By the Century

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She'd counted to ten. When that didn't work she backed it up and counted down from 100. All silently and all during the conversations with Fig, Captain Jenkins and finally, Lady Christianson. It was an oddity that Fern was not the first one under her skin for a change. But then, this was Britain and they specialized in that art form. However, she was Magincian. And that meant her specialty was surviving damn near anything. Surely, she would survive the night as well.

When the crowds receded she gracefully made her way to the corner of the kitchenette. Stone tables were amassed with multiple types of fruit and breads, pasta and cheeses. Magdalena had indeed outdone herself once more. Catching the chef in her peripheral vision she turned and clasped the woman's hands in her own.

"You did a beautiful job!" The smile spreading quickly across her face she tightened her grip. For a non-Magincian, Mags held a special place with Lynne and was one of few outsiders in which she had almost as much Pride as she did for her beloved island.

"Thank you! I'm glad you made it!"

"Not only did I make it, but I held my tongue!" It was a partial truth anyway.

Briefly hugging the two women bid good 'eve.

- - - -​

Night, in Magincia held salt laden breezes and gentle rhythmic sound as the waves lapped against the shoreline from all directions. In the distance a hazy glow from the lanterns aboard the Magincian Fleet ships could be seen shimmering off the midnight waves.

Her boots in her hand, Lynne dug her toes into the sand letting the granules spread between them. Tomorrow would bring a new morning and a new set of tasks. Mentally she checked off her to-do list. Turning back, she made her way slowly into the horseshoe. The grin of success on her face. Silence meant time to gather your resources...

Sometimes it paid to pick your battles....