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Buying unique pets, invisible pets & bugged pets


Business. That's all it ever is...business.
Stratics Veteran
some of you great tamers out there I have seen old posts on stratics and heard rumors about several greater dragon bugged into a ratman from baracoon glitch approved by mesana. I willing to pay high for this pet. I have also seen in stables across the realms of sosario invisible pets. I am in search for these as well. I heard of an invisble hyru, invisible polar bear, and an invisible drake annnnnnd no they were not ethereal mounts ive seen people us the greatest skill of all and say all kill and boom their mount is kicking monster butt. any leads or any one willing to sell please soulsend me. I am paying high for these pets


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
I have a unique colored fire beetle (Barracoon glitch). But I am not selling him.:p