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Buying trained vs. untrained pets in Magincia

Calla Lily

When loring the pets in the marketplace, how can I tell if one is newly caught vs. one that has some training? I found a platinum drake with the following stats:

HP 253
Stam 134
Mana 135
Str 418
Dex 134
Int 135

Phy 39
Fire 46
Cold 39
Poison 34
Energy 49

Cold 100%

Wrestling 59.6
Tactics 65.7
Resist 60.3
Anatomy 48.4
Det Hidden 45.6
Med 54.3
Focus 66.3

2 slot

After I bought it, thinking it was a fresh tame, I found that training had been started on it. What are good beginning stats for these drakes? I’m still very new at training and am sure I’ll make mistakes before I figure it all out :)


Just because it has some training built up, if its 2 slots, the firat round isnt completed yet.

So its like 25.6 out of 100%.

Most pets that go to 5 control slots have enough points to
20 hpr
5 str
700 str
370 int
80 phys resist
80 fire
80 cold
80 energy
45 poison
And plenty left over for scrolls.