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[Trading] Buying of trading Minax Kotl and Doom Armour Pieces


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okies i have a fair few swops / trades - see below

i will buy the following bits or trade them for my doubles...

that or i will trade 2 other minax/kotl items such as rings/bracelets, elf ,samuri crap etc etc items for any one armour piece i want...so its win win for you....or buy the item..

i need/ would like for my collection.....

1]Minax leather cap [does this even exsist]
Minax studded gorget

2]Kotl chain tunic and coif
Kotl studded tunic legs sleeves
Kotl Leather cap [ does this even exsist] gorget and legs
Kotl Bone gloves helm tunic legs

3]Doom armours i have a full plate set and a chainmail set....i would be interested in buying other full sets aka... bone... studded... leather or ringmail.

All my spares bits are on Atlantic....a few items on Europa

minax kotl spares.png

I also have a spare full Minax Plate set ..i would maybe sell....

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hey anyone know if the leather caps do spawn in the minax and kotl colours...not sure ive ever seen one....