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Buying I Participated in the Oceania PvP Tourney Doublet & Any other PVP related EM Items


Stratics Veteran
As the title says LF PVP Related Event Items. Trying to make an area in my house to pay tribute to the main part of the game that kept me active and in love with UO for so long.

I currently have the "I survived PVP Night Long Enough to Steal this Sash" & Semi Finalist Oceania Kilt.

I will pay premium price for any of these items or would be willing to trade items that are on display in my house if you wanted to trade. My house is the 3rd one on the right following the West road leaving Umbra.
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Stratics Veteran
whats your offer on this?

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I actually have a post on Stratics from like 4 years ago where I was hunting this sash. The database says there were more than 25 of these created. Stuff dropped in that amount are usually going from 50-125m from what I am seeing since coming back. How does 100m sound?