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Bushido Ninja

Calla Lily

I have a new character that I’d like to make into a Ninja Samurai (pvm) I’m thinking something like:

Anatomy or Tactics (do I need both?)
Med or focus
Resist ?

Any advice?


Stratics Veteran
Parrying, Resist, and Med/Focus are all redundant.

If you're intending to use Mirror Image then 4/6 casting is advisable. If you're 4/6 casting then Chivalry and/or Spellweaving is advisable. If you intend to use a shield for 1 FC then you can't use Parrying unless you lose the Bushido.

Bandages are a good option on Ninjas.

What is your intention with using Bushido?
What is your intention with using Ninjitsu?

Calla Lily

Decided to change from swords to a two-handed macing weapon, so I won’t need parrying. Won’t I need focus or med to cast the ninja spells? I’m thinking:

100 Anatomy
100 Bushido
100 Focus
100 Healing
120 Macing
100 Ninjitsu
100 Tactics

If I don’t need focus, I can boost them all to 120.

I’ll only be using her for pvm and rp.
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