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[Selling] bunch of items...(closed...everything has been sold)

uo player

Stratics Veteran
Transferring to Atlantic and don't have room for everything, trying to avoid 2 transfers(but will if I have to).
all Items are on chessy.....I will accept payment on Atlantic or chessy....(chessy pick up only)

This is not a auction, make offers only!!! I have no set price. If I get decent offers I will sell...
If you would like more info on a item or pic's private msg me. Thank you.

1. bag of 13 display cases

2. Tongue of the beast(replica)

3.exodus minion costume
4.gazer halloween costume
5.oni costume
6.centaur costume

7.wind spirit(replica)

8.foot end of (a coffin)

9.armor engraving tool(uses remaining 30)

10.academic books

11.chest of sending

12.a replica of the shepherd's crook of humility

13.commodity deed box

14.Norma Jean's St. Valentine Bear (black with white head)

15.calling of Kronus scroll (black)

16. (2) potted tree's (one tall, one short)

17. death vortex

18. daemon blood

19.an icy patch

20.mark of the travesty (anatomy +10/healing +10)

21.berserker's Scythe

22.Sudiva's Covetous-laced tear

23.wall of hungry mouths (shield)

24.A wizard's har recovered during the rescue of Giri Ui.

25.box of pigments...
glossy blue
deep violet
Liquid sunshine
dark void
aura of amber
murky seagreen
shadowy blue X2
gleaming fuchsia
vibrant crimson
black and green pigment
reflective shadow
(all have 5 uses)
and X3 bleach (25 uses total)

26.Cupid's arrow

27.Maritime reading glasses

28.reading glasses of the arts

29.candy coated chocolate rabbit

30.soles of providence(80 luck)

31.EM Elizabella-Great lakes 2011 sash

32.the dryad bow

33. (1)barbed runic sewing kit

34. novo bleue/etoile bleue jewelry set

35. (X3) big majik flippers (red pair/white pair/pink pair)

36. (8) obsidian statue's

37. bag of old school newbied cloths (11 total)

38.box of vet dye tubs
special dye tub
furniture dye tub
metallic dye tub(5th yr)
leather dye tub
runebook dye tub(4th yr)
white leather dye tub
white cloth dye tub

39.Lucky leaping leprechaun booties

40. despicable quiver (physical resist)

41.conjurer's grimoire(undead slayer)

42. a green champagne glass(not a flute)

43. (3) colored bottles name on them is "bottle"

44. you were naughty this year bag, with 19 mannequin deeds in it.

45. 2nd year vet reward (a banner deed)

46. banner of Minoc deed

47. Infested tree

48. 6th year vet reward (tall Brazier)

49. chainmail leggings (can not be equipped)

50. a pitcher of water (liquid in it is pink)???

51. Glass (green mug style) X8

52. Hygieia's amulet (replica)

53. a bag of 17 old school jewelry (weddingband's, multi-diamond jewelry, bless, night sight, protection, invis, etc)

I also have....
lots of "crystal ball"
lots of "a plate decorated with a beautiful painting of mondain's defeat as the gem of immortality"
lots of "ask and answer crystal balls"