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Bugged areas screenshots


Stratics Veteran
Not sure where to put this since I didn't see a known bug lists section of the forums so just going to leave it here.

1st picture shows a part of the map that is underwater yet it treats my character like I'm on dry land. it is a fairly large portion near the Etibule inn where the snails and mantises are off by the falls.

The other two pictures show how I passed through some layers of the dungeon and was able to walk the entire length of the goblin dungeon on the roof.



Stratics Veteran
Re your first pic: same thing happens when you are in the Kur rapids.
Re your second + third pics: this happens in every dungeon whenever you get close to a wall. You can pan around an see mob paths, alternate routes and even parts of dungeons that haven't been open yet (Gob Dungeons). I know it'll be 'fixed', but I've kind of been enjoying the insight into how they build these zones (and the heads-up when mobs are coming).