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Bug in Roof


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Sorry I was speaking to the fact that only the Roof and Exodus drop loot that is considered worthy of doing while the rest of the game is rotting. @Kyronix I might have been misunderstood but is there a chance that the current global loot system gets a review and possible bump?
Oh, I thought you were talking about the dual-spawn in the roof. With regard to your other point, no immediate plans to adjust global loot. There are always going to be areas that "give the best loot" in the game, especially with character development as mature as it is. I suspect (and feel free to correct me) every piece of your suit is maximized to offer you the best viable combination of attributes for your particular template. Anything that drops that won't be considered "garbage" has to dial up the power-creep just ever so slightly. To compensate encounters get more difficult to balance against the increase in player power. Then come those who feel the encounters are too difficult because they don't want to min/max like some others have. I agree there's a vast disparity among the desire to go to many old encounters, but also have to look at it from the perspective of overall game balance. Don't forget we are dealing with 20 years of content - a feat few, if any, other virtual worlds have to contend with.