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[Buying and Selling] Brit moongate library


Slightly Crazed
Stratics Veteran
So during the holidays we were slacking on filling the vendors. We have stocked them up the past weekend and they are there for you lords and ladies Incase you need some good. What’s currently there?
Over 120k arrows and 100k bolts for you archer and long range type fighters.
There is 1k recalls and 500 gate scrolls as well for your books and your rechargeable teletiles.
There are all types of runic hammers from dull copper all the way to valorite (62 hammers total)
Power for fortifying as well (56 bottles) and in the bad with the bottles there is a bod book with the bods already filled and you can turn them in yourself for credit and claim your own bottles.
There are 75 different treasure maps on there as well as MIBs for you adventures types.
There are also already marked rune books. Unfortunately these are kind of expensive because I thought I would save time with the pen of wisdom that cost 6$ but each charge makes 1 book so I can only make 100 books. I won’t make that mistake again and I will just mark my own runes next time. But they are filled with great locations and all charged with recall scrolls for your fast and ready to adventure excitement.
There aren’t much items left for the Halloween vendor and if you see something there you’d like just tell me and we can work on the prices.
As always look for me in game and in general chat. I usually am on The Hand Of God when I am playing and stocking the vendors.
We can make special requests and also do bulk orders on items such as recalls, gates and what not.
Now the last topic I have is if we were to start stocking imbuing materials such as essences, relics, raptor teeth and stuff would there be a market for it or would we be wasting time and vendor fees for that stuff? We are trying to fill the shelves with items people want to see to keep the shard happy and coming back. Another type of vendor we are thinking about is one that sells full kegs, grapes of wrath, enchanted apples and bandages. We tried petals and those didn’t move at all but maybe just wasn’t the correct time or anything.
Thank everyone for your time and as always we are always looking for new runebooks we don’t have to add to the library for everyone enjoyment. One we are currently looking for and would end up putting on our vendor is a taming guide runebook if anyone wants to contribute one of those or any other and place it in the mailbox inside the house that would be amazing.

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