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Brewmaster Weak Aura Set Up.


WoW Staff Writer | WoW Moderator
Recently decided to take the liberty of helping players learn a class better with the tools they have around them.
Many players don't understand this addon, or just how incredibly powerful it may be, so look at this as a sort of series where I go through as many specs as I am familiar with and show off the weak aura set up I have for them.
The goal will be to explain and show you guys how you can maximize toons you never even play to a level acceptable for the highest content in the game!

The full article is available at: http://wow.stratics.com/guides/play-like-a-pro-brewmaster-monk-weak-aura-information/
Within the article you will find detailed examples and the import string for each specific aura. Simply copy/paste from the pastebin output and put it in the Import section of Weak Auras in game, and you will have it exactly on the screen where I have it as well.

Here is a static version of what you can expect with the set up:

You can see a moving version of the UI here:

If you have questions that aren't answered in the post, feel free to ask them here!