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[Bowcraft/Fletching] Bowcrafting Questions:


Seasoned Veteran
Any help appreciated:
When bowcrafting, with exceptional bows, you end up with DI - damage increase, that is a useless property if you already have 100% damage on your suit. Only way to avoid that is to buy a non-exceptional bow from the bowyer but it will then have less points to use for imbuing. Is there a way around this other than whetstones that const one ton of gold?
Other useless property that comes to mind is Lower Requirements i.e. 20%. Is there a way to remove that or avoid getting that when enhancing a bow with ash wood?


Seasoned Veteran
I think you’re stuck with whetstones or non-exceptional weapons. You may find your imbuing plans to not need all of the imbuing weight depending on what you
are going for. You can just use a regular weapon if that’s the case.

As for lower requirements, nothing you can do there.

If you end up with self repair, that goes away when you imbue.


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Also, for LR and other properties from material - that's why you ALWAYS wait until the very last step (after all imbues are done) to enhance, even though that means you'll probably be using a forged metal tool to insure 100% success (which also costs a lot, but is a real-money thing you get from EA (buying the coins for the in-game store) & Broadsword (the in-game store itself), so isn't as rare or volatile in price).