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Bored? Give the wiki 5 minutes of your time!


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There's still a good many rares in the database without properties. In most cases, it's just a missing weight; in others, it's missing resists, etc. It's likely that everyone here owns at least a few dozen of the items with missing info, and it takes only a couple of minutes of add in whatever is missing. If you're bored, and willing, please help out! There's a full listing of every item still missing properties at UO:Items with unknown properties - Stratics Community Wiki

As of January 16, 2020, there are 2,576 items missing properties.

To edit any rare's page, hover over "Actions" in the top right.

then click on "Edit".

Screenshot from 2020-01-16 20-54-57.png

It'll then go to the raw wikitext version of that page. Up in the top left, there's a button to open the rares editor. Click on that:

You can now edit anything about the rare. But for properties, click on the tab that says "Property Info":

Then just select the property/properties you want to add, and fill in the blanks. I've made it a little easier to use; there's now a submenu that has all properties listed - makes it easier to find some when you can't find them in the other submenus. Also, for resists and damages, there's now an option to add all 5 at the same time. That is a bit faster than adding each one one by one. (Even if you only need 4 of them, it's faster to add all 5 and remove the unwanted one, vs adding each of the 4 separately.)

When you're done with a particular property, click on the "Add this property" button in the bottom right. When you're done editing everything, click on the "Save all changes" button at the bottom to save all your changes.