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Boosts! They are here...


What class do you intend to boost and why? Also, will you be waiting until 60 for the added benefit to your professions?

Personally, I'll be boosting a Blood Elf Paladin when I purchase mine. I'm not sure I have the patience to wait until I hit 60 to do so. Secondly, I really enjoy working my professions up so that's not so bad.


WoW Staff Writer | WoW Moderator
I boosted an Alliance, specifically a Shaman. The main focus was getting a max level alliance with a ranged DPS spec, as all of my main toons are Horde.
I really am looking forward to seeing both the Horde and Alliance storyline with WoD, and also will be catching up on some of the MoP Alliance lore.

You made the right choice with Blood Elf Paladin though. All the best wow writers have one ;)