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[Blacksmithing] BOD Gold Rewards



I've been searching about several BOD reward pages, and have been trying to find data on the gold rewarded when turning in small BODs.

Tower of roses has a chart for large BODs;

Anyone have a link, or happen to know how it works?

Barry Gibb

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You can find information about the BOD rewards here:

Small BODs give gold based on the value of the item requested and the quantity requested. It amount of gold per item (ie: helmet, katana, etc..) recieved is based on what the vendor will buy the item for. Not all vendors buy and sell at the same price, but the difference is only 1-2 gold pieces, so its not really worth shopping around.

Stayin Alive,



Wow, thank you for the link and the speedy reply.

I glanced over this page several times, but I guess I was expecting to see a table or something and just missed it.


Are there formulas for calculating the gold returns for the small and large BODs?

I've tried graphing the LBOD gold rewards against their reward points.. and there are some patterns in the graph, but I'm not able to pinpoint anything specific.

As for the SBODs, I guess it'd be the same as the formulas used to determine an NPC's buy price.. which would be some function of a base price, the items quality, metal color.. and possibly even take into consideration each resistance on the pieces crafted?


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the small BODs are based on a formula, so you possibly could make a system to calculate.

But, the large BOD gold rewards have always been based on a table.

Which begs a question...

Has anyone tracked any of their large BOD turn-ins that gave a higher-than-base item reward, to see if the gold reward was the same, or boosted? One would about have to stop between each turn-in, and check the bank, to be sure. Or, are most of the boosted BODs up into the gold amounts that are in the max range for the table?


I was wondering that myself.. but then I kind of decided that it doesn't much matter because I'm going to be filling any BODs above 900 points as larges anyway; just for that small chance of getting a boost and thus a high end hammer.

I do intend to head to the test server to try and figure out a ballpark estimate of the gold rewards for SBODs, though. Hopefully find a formula, so I can more accurately decide what I should be filling as larges vs. smalls vs. not filling at all.


I crafted 25 Exceptional Ringmail Gloves, in all 9 colors, and averaged their sell prices;

Exceptional Ringmail Gloves: (averaged over 25)
Iron - 94.80
DC - 121.80
Shadow - 202.08
Copper - 112.48
Bronze - 116.52
Golden - 78.36
Agapite - 117.24
Verite - 117.48
Valorite - 173.80

I really don't see any rhyme or reason to the prices?


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Durability is an important element of the price, hence the high value for shadow.