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Boat Race Challenge II

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator
Hello everyone,

*Holds his recall rune tight*
I am Lord Gareth from Chesapeake. I have come here to see if The United Pirates are still interested in hosting the next Boat Race Challenge.

The Pirate Language is so Grand and Sophisticated, I fear trying to "Fake Talk" my way through it would be taken as an insult. I do not wish to insult such Strong and famous Pirates. Below I have put together the setup information for the event. If the most feared and Legendary captain in all of the shards, Captain Hawkeye Pike, son of Captain Blackeye Pike agrees to host then I hope to get things started as soon as possible.

~Lord Gareth
(Icq 267944224)

*Leaves behind a chest of 60,000 gold pieces*

Township Boat Race Challenge

Staff Positions
Race Captain or Admiral
-Coordinates with each position
-Coordinates with township leaders on their shard and other shards.
-Starts the race

Harbor Master
-Creates, and maintains the ship registration list
-Places and names each vessel
-Has one key for each vessel in their possession.
(Later used by the Powder Monkeys)

-Creates the Survival Packs
-Issues each Captain a Survival Pack before the race begins.

Powder Monkey
-Recalls to reach vessel from the spare key held by the Harbor master.
During the race they make sure none of the vessel are cheating

-Creates forum advertisements for the race
-Posts the advertisement to each shard participating

Survival Packs
Armor - Lrc Suit
Clothing - Any
Scrolls - Recall
Potions - Heal & Cure
Runebook - Bank, Race Area and Finish Line

Ship Name:
Township Name:
Crew Members:
Contact Information:

The advertisement poster should include the following information.
-Hosting Shard Name
-Hosting Township Name
-Directions To The Township and Start Area
-Staff Names, Positions And Contact Information

Schuyler Bain

Lore Master
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
*tips hat & bows slightly*

Ahoy Lord Gareth, welcome aboard.

I am sure the Cap'n will be along shortly with his official response.

Myself, I would step forward for the boatswain position... as long as the Cap'n or equally skilled crew member provides the advertisement poster. The good news is that the Red Skull Bay docks are but a short stagger from the Jolly Roger Tavern... for a little before and after race socialization.

*nicks a few coins from the chest*


Babbling Loonie
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
So the landlubber wants to risk another fleet... So be it. We will gladly host this boat race. Let us meet in person (so far I have seen none of the promised gold) and we will talk things over. Especially the required ale supply fer da pirate crew is not ta be underestimated. I'd prefer a day with bad weather fer the boat race.

Lord Gareth

UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
Stratics Veteran
Stratics Legend
Wiki Moderator
Alrighty so I have the schedule so far. This way you guys don't feel rushed and Hawkeye will have climbed the mountain and come back down by then. *Grins*